RANT…pet peeves. Do you have any? I do!

I will just share one today.  I have a few, like a short list worth.  However today, I will just share one.  Maybe tomorrow I will share another (hee hee)  Today it’s all about the shopping carts.  I pride myself on being a citizen who always puts their cart back where it belongs.  It’s how everyone should be, in my mind.  I almost get as angry when I see someone abandon a cart in an empty parking spot as when I see someone toss trash a.k.a. litter!   There often are times when I see a little cluster of carts that are not where they are supposed to be and I will not only put my cart away but also will collect up  all the stray carts I see.  At Fresh and Easy they have two sized carts which means they don’t stack into each other if they are not the same cart, which means I also take time organizing the carts.  All the high carts in one lane all the deep carts in the other lane.  The parking lots of American would be much more pleasant if everyone just put their CARTS AWAY!!  We could all use a few extra steps. And by chance if you see an older folk who has trouble getting around, perhaps offer to take their cart back for them. So just take those few extra steps. Put your carts away. please.

photo (1)I can’t leave on a negative note so I will share my complete joy over receiving a package of fruits and veggies delivered to my front door yesterday morning.  Like Christmas in July!  Rich got me a groupon for my birthday for organic fresh produce to be delivered.  He just couldn’t get the hang of why they deliver in the middle of the night and so he never hit GO.  He turned it over to me and I think it’s a great plan to be delivered in the middle of the night so it’s just like Christmas in the morning when we open our front door.  I remember back when I was a kid my mom had a milk man because my brother drank so much milk she couldn’t keep enough stocked in the fridge.  It was pretty awesome getting those milk cartons delivered straight to our door.  I’m here to highly recommend a company called http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com  If you are interested send me a personal message and I can give you a 10.00 off coupon for your first order. You can click on the website to see if they even deliver to your area and if they do,  I have a “secret code”  for money off.  My mid morning snack looked just like the picture below.  The produce is so FRESH and so YUMMY!  Thumbs up from me, not just one thumb but TWO!


7 thoughts on “RANT…pet peeves. Do you have any? I do!

  1. i’m with you on the shopping carts! i have two little ones with me and i hate leaving them in the car to put the cart away. simple solution: i park as close to cart corral as possible. it’s not difficult people!

    also, that tomato looks so amazingly good. our tomatoes have been abundant this year, but we’ve had so much rain they seem water-logged and don’t have much flavor : (
    yep. i have mater envy!

  2. D-1 first off the cart thing is something I do as well. I can’t stand to pull into a parking spot and see a cart in the middle of it. Then get out move the cart until I park. Then I use that cart to shop with. Plus I hate to come out from shopping and a cart is touching my car. Either the wind blew it there or someone pushed it there!

    I want to know about the fruit and veggies!!!!!! They look so good. I hope they deliver in my area……..and since it is the middle of the night.
    I want to know more about it. Email me.

  3. UGH. the carts. i sooooo agree. i think i get annoyed because it seems like it’s a sign laziness and disrespect.

    YAY for veggies. we have our first CSA pick up today – so super excited!

  4. Your produce looks divine! Especially that tomato. I simply do not see tomatoes that look like that at any grocery store, and I never get time to go by the farmer’s market.

  5. Oh, the shopping carts. When my shift ends and I’m closing up I am often out there bringing in shopping carts for our store where you are NOT supposed to take shopping carts OUT of the store. Yeah. It’s not cool. I am reading your blog all the time but commenting in my head. I will now comment here! Happy Friday to you, Tracie. oxoxox Pam

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