lots more pictures from Stay-K and a few words

Food seems to be a major part of vacation.  Tuesday Rich surprised us by taking us to Slater’s 50/50.  This is a place that gives you the option to build your own burger and name it. The 50/50 part is half the patty can be bacon while the other half is beef.  Either a Vegan’s worst nightmare OR a heart attack waiting to happen right?  Oh gosh it was really good though but I could only eat half the burger because it was so rich and filling.   I’m gonna say Rich won for the most creative burger, he choose to put imported swiss cheese, mayo, thousand island dressing, pickles, an egg and peanut butter on his and proudly named it “The Indiana Slammer”  Dylan was second most creative with putting a combo of teriyaki sauce, pineapple and nope that isn’t so bad until he adds the pastrami and guacamole and B.Q. sauce and named it “YO”  Abbie and I kept ours pretty basic and didn’t get all crazy on it.  I very much enjoyed the flavors but we all agree it was like a one time deal type place.  The burgers were pricey but as you can tell by the pictures below, they were HUGE, like really hard to get our mouths around.


Abbie thought up going to the movies because it’s something we don’t do a lot but heck, we are on vacation so let’s live it up.  Rich surprised us again by taking us to the most fancy movie theater we have ever seen. And Despicable Me 2 was pretty good. Check out the pictures below.  It cost about 7.00 more per ticket but can you see why?



IMG_7674 waiting in the lobby


all the seats fully reclined and looked like this.  hardly anyone in the movie.

I like how my friend Claudia put it.  Stay-K.  It’s been such fun.  We have managed to hit up the OC fair and save ourselves half the cost to get in by buying 5.00 of school supplies per person so it was 5.00 per person rather than the standard general admission of 11.00 per person.  And again ate some fair food.  I think it’s sort of funny how Rich and I went our separate ways to return both with a plate of nacho’s and a refillable fair cup.  Again he got a more rare breed of nachos with chicken teriyaki, carrots, and cabbage where I got a more traditional grilled chicken and nacho cheese.  We hit up just a tiny bit rides and walked the exhibits.  Dylan brought his BFF and those two got on some crazy rides.


These two really know how to have a fun time together.  Lots of laughter, which is nice.


Abbie snapped one of mom and dad.  proof we were there!


the butterfly exhibit was lots of fun.  Couldn’t help but think the butterfly queen in VA




Just look at the sea of people and a Wednesday afternoon!


This ride shot way high up and then dropped down.  I hate these kinds of rides.  HATE.


Glad the kids like the art and photo exhibit so I had some company.



food and hearts still being the theme.  Also we tried deep fried cookie dough.  It was really good.

After the fair we stopped by HB again and collected shells and sea glass and enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing and the water on our feet.  Rich finally made his way the HB Harley shop and picked up a local T-Shirt.


I forgot to take little red into the fair because I didn’t want to carry a bag but he made it to the beach.


Hey mom, what does this look like?  A heart brain?


digging for crabs


us, we don’t see Austin much with his working and all so we sub in Briana


Left some notes under the pier


and scored on multi colored sea glass

We decided we were actually hungry after the fair food and ended our night at The Silver Palace and it was a first for Briana who had never eaten Chinese food before.  She thought it was alright but truly I think the pair had more fun playing with the chop sticks.


have no idea what’s happening here


IMG_7823Yes even the meat was in the shape of a heart, honest to goodness no altering.  I think Dylan has more of an eye for hearts than me, he points them out on a regular basis.

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