My garden and backyard living

We love to hang out in the backyard.  Sit around a fire, crank the music, while our very old fountain lives on, the very old fire pit too for that matter.  Both staying alive and giving us much more years of use than that pool that decided to split and explode before summer even ended.  We just love spending time out there.   We finally last summer with the help of friends and family built a patio cover and it’s taken many years to get it to a point of basically being average.  I have big dreams for it but I know it will take time.  Lucky I’m patient.  This weekend Rich tackled the morning glory.  It’s so pretty but so invasive, as we watched it go from fence to city tree we figured it was time to cut it back before it covered the tree entirely.  I decided it was a good idea to spend time weeding my garden.  I pulled out my tomato plants which looked to be on their last leg anyway, they barely produced and looked horrible most this season.  Worst year ever for tomatoes.  I also planted some broccoli and pumpkins, a little late.  The packages both read to plant in July but I figure what the heck.  I also transplanted the tiny butterfly bush into a bigger pot (hope it hangs on) then planted some mixed greens in a few pots.  I felt like the garden was renewed.


I’m going to share just a few images of our backyard.  I feel very relaxed when I’m back there.  I could spend hours in my own backyard and it’s nothing fancy it just feels right to me.

IMG_5755I have one sunflower just beginning to open.  She is the shortest of the bunch too but showing the first promise.  I love planting seeds in the ground and watching them grow.  It’s like a miracle.

IMG_5768The garden all weeded and ready to see if it’s winter seeds will grow.  Took down Barney but kept his head.

IMG_5772When I planted these, the tag showed regular green, long cucumber however, that’s not what happened.  Still need to try them.  I have no idea what happened here.

IMG_5777That’s me in my garden, do you see a heart, I mean it’s not perfect but it is a heart.

IMG_5808This little raspberry bush gave me the most goodness this year, was the healthiest in all my garden.  I want to get more of these next spring.

IMG_5820Mr. Moon Face, always looks sleepy, we can see him again since Rich trimmed that morning glory.

IMG_5822The beetles I collect in a jar.  Weird I know but when I find them dead on the ground, so pretty with their  unique shells I just toss them in this jar and keep them for what reason, I have none.  My sister sings a song about them called “dead beetles in a jar”  Makes me laugh and I suppose that’s a good reason to keep them around.

IMG_5823When we make it to the ocean I like to collect shells.  I could walk the coast all day long just looking for them.  I bring them home and I keep them in our patio with little rocks too.  I like to write things on rocks.

I missed my Monday workout.  I feel sort of bad about it but I know today I will make sure and make up for it on my own.  I had a rough nights rest.  I also decided to try a recipe I found in Mother Earth magazine for my hair, two table spoons coconut oil, one tablespoon raw honey and one egg.  I put that mixture in my dry hair and let it set a few hours, washed it out before bed to wake at 2:00 a.m. with greasy freaky looking hair.  I washed it again this morning, let’s hope it dries less greasy.  I’m off to work.  Facing Monday head on.  Have a great week.

IMG_5827oops forgot to mention one more big change.   Temporary but for now the red/orange sofa is out on the patio for that outside living.   Abbie and her friend slept out there last night.  It’s a novelty for now.  It took up some space in our big blue room, which was holding far too much furniture all summer long.  We will be re-arranging that room for the fall.   When money isn’t in huge abundance we find moving our furniture around to be the fix.  It feels different and new without having to spend any money at all.


4 thoughts on “My garden and backyard living

  1. I L O V E the couch on the patio!! It looks like it was made for the spot. You are going to make it too inviting and you guys will have to share your special spot with the rest of us.

  2. these are GORGEOUS tracie. i want to print that one of the sunflower! what a wonderful space to hang. feeling comfortable and happy in our homes is such a gift.

  3. i LOVE tta you can have a couch outside!! can’t do that where i live, lol. how wonderful to see more of your garden, it sounds like an amazing teacher. gardening truly humbles me like nothing else. with your raspberries, you may see them send up new shoots alongside the “mother” plant. these can be separated and divided and moved about. check in your area when to do that … and you have lemon cucumbers! my boys love them, they are delicious, or at least ones we grow are. and lastly i love seeing your shells, mine are within arms’ reach on my desk, the ones you shared back in spring….sending big love friend. XO

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