Farm Fresh to You Rocks our Socks!!! Like big time

Music to my ears!  When a child, the youngest exclaims as walking into the kitchen, “smells like brussel sprouts, yum!”  This was while the kale chips were roasting.  Then as they come out, she says “looks good” She is impressing me.  When I was 11 there was no way on earth I would have been delighting in the smell of brussels  and liking the look of weird green things.  My two A’s they love all sorts of food.  They love ALL food really, they are the not picky eaters and they love good along with junky (we are working on that part)  only of course if you have been reading my blog you know the older A has made some choices to cut the meat so he has even become more exotic in the things he will venture to try.   Dman enjoys the fruit in the deliveries.  He is sharing the grapes now with his buddies, they are like candy and so are the cherry tomatoes for that matter.

When that box arrives and I open it up, I get all giddy.  I usually giggle and smile and take deep breaths in of the stuff.  Then I take every single item out and display them in my big beautiful bowl that was a gift from my mom.  It’s the prettiest piece of pottery and it’s so pretty that I actually used to hang it on the wall like art, but now I use it.  I use it for all the fruits and veggies.  When I open that box of goodness besides all the silly stuff I do, I have to display the goodness and take a picture of it.  Every single week I have photographed it. This was week three of my delivery.  Below are the three delivery shots I have taken.  I even look forward to the news letter they enclose.  If you are on Facebook, look them up by typing Farm Fresh to You, it’s the one that has been farming organically since 1976 (I was just six)  They are up north and a drive for me but I so desire to visit their farm.  On their Facebook page they give recipe ideas for some of the stuff in the box.  It’s one of those things that I wish everyone could experience.  Well, people who like good food, who also love to cook and prepare.  It’s all organic, it’s all really good and I would forgo other extra’s to keep this one.  Rich actually started it by getting a groupon coupon and surprising me for my birthday, only we redeemed it much later than my actual birthday.
no 1

First Delivery

no 2

Second Delivery

no 3

Third Delivery

Today I actually put kale and apple into my herbalife shake, to shake it up a bit.  It was pretty good too and I had this weird feeling of extra energy after drinking it.  I sort of had to chew the shake but still it was good.  Then I rinsed the lettuce and the kale so I could have it ready to go.  I let the lettuce air dry then cut it up and placed it in a big bag so it’s just easy to make a salad out of it.  I also made those kale chips which me and Abbie really like.  So far none of our home delivered produce has gone to waste.  Fully enjoyed every other Tuesday for days to follow.


Rinsing the greensIMG_5835

getting that kale ready

IMG_5842 Boom success, if you like really good stuff for you

IMG_5839Letting the lettuce air dry

IMG_5848Baggin it up to make it easy to toss in a salad or on a sandwich

I have bragged about Farm Fresh to You before and if you so decide to use them, please let me know because I can get you $10.00 off your first order, I have a special code.  This is for my California friends.  They are far up north from me yet still delivery here down south.  I promise you will not be disapointed if you give them a try.

This is my 99th post!!! one more and I’m at 100!! Plus several posts back I had 33 followers, my favorite number and now I’m at 50 something, half way to 100.  I can’t even imagine climbing to 100 subscribers but if I do, I will have to celebrate in some big way.  Or little way.  Any reason to celebrate really.

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh to You Rocks our Socks!!! Like big time

  1. i feel the same way when we pick up our csa each week. we are so lucky to have access to good, nutritional food. and yay you for 99! it’s no wonder that you’ve picked up followers so quickly, your words and photos are inspiring.

  2. love that bowl, and glad you use it. it needs to be seen! i still have to make kale chips, i keep forgetting!! i should flickr-email you for the recipe as i’ll forget to read here if you reply 🙂 xoxo

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