Book Club

Today’s prompt was BOOK for the treehouse club with mustard of course.  And since the prompt was book, I thought why not take my stack of books I keep on a table behind the sofa and take them to my garden and stand on top of them, then take a picture of course.  So that’s exactly what I did.  Books are something I really love.  My very second job was at a book store.  My first job I just remembered was at my mom’s yogurt shop:)  But anyway I have loved books for a long time.  The smell of them is yummy.  Especially an old bookstore. 

photo (2) copySo today I was invited to a Jane Austen book club.  It starts this Monday the 1st of September and it’s going to be the book Emma.  I know absolutely nothing about this book.  I’m guessing it’s about a girl named Emma?  I have never even seen a movie based on a Jane Austen novel.  I know lots of you are probably thinking “what is up with this girl?”  Let me just throw another fact out about me.  I claim to hate period movies and also musicals.  Musicals especially with a passion.  So when I was a teenager while some of my closest friends were freaking out over Grease, I couldn’t stand it.  I watched it but with my ears partially plugged.  I have not ever even seen one of the biggest musicals of all time, “The Sound of Music”  I’m not sure if some of you feel sorry for me or if some of you are cursing me right now at this moment.  I do LOVE music by the way, just not movies that are sang.  That being said all that being said.  I have avoided Jane Austen for 43 years of my life.  43 entire years.  I think to be honest the thickness of those books intimidated me.  In this life I have liked classic books like my all time favorite “The Stranger” by Albert Camus and have read it a few times.  Always frustrated while reading, wanting Meursault to show some human emotion for goodness sake.  Just wishing with all my might but each time always the same, no emotion shown whatsoever.  NONE.  But I liked how it was nice and to the point.  Also a fan of the short story called “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka.  Also a big fan of “The Cather in the Rye”  by JD Salinger.  Are you getting the picture on the sorts of novels I enjoy?  In my mind I would imagine that a very thick Jane Austen novel would be full of flowery, descriptive words and of course take place in a different era that I had no desire to be in.  I’m just being honest here.  I know I’m not going to gain any fans by posting this.  I’m thinking I’m in the minority with these thoughts.  

Back to the book club.  I think it’s about time I try something new.  I think it’s time I dive into that big thick book about something I know nothing about.  I’m thinking just like I hated onions as a child I may be ready for this now.  I’m going to the library today.  I’m in.   I do believe I would enjoy the being taken into another time, another place where they speak proper and things are so very different from anything I have ever loved or paid any attention to.  Time to stretch.  Time to expand.  Just imagine that book, that thick but small book as a little pool of water and here I am….I’m diving in head first.  GULP.



6 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. go you! i bet the jane austen will be something you are ready for, you sound full of open heart and mind. i laughed about period pieces and musicals. i didn’t get the excitement over grease either, barely got through it! haven’t seen the sound of music or heard it! i am the same way, and am ‘just’ beginning to grow towards wanting to read and enjoy some historical stuff. my boy is the key there, as he loves it, absolutely loves that stuff. funny how when we are ready, something appears to enchant us. may you love this book club, tracie. it sounds like something i could see myself doing once these fellas of mine are just a tad older, maybe next year! XO happy weekend, friend.

  2. Good for you on stretching yourself. If I joined a book club, it would have to be one for very, very slow readers. Readers who read one page at night before passing out with the book on their chest. But, reading is good. It’s something I just picked back up after several years on hiatus to take care of my babies.

    Also, I think I spy a fellow Beatles fan!

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