Quiet Morning before the “Storm”


This morning I enjoy the last quiet morning of summer.  School starts tomorrow and our mornings will be quite a bit different.  At first they will be exciting, everyone aroused and getting ready, wearing their new clothes, packing lunches, eating breakfast.  It will be a frenzy of noise and morning movement.  Then after time there will be the mornings where the youngest will cry because her hair isn’t just right, or the second born will be silent because really truly he doesn’t like mornings all that much.  The first-born his schedule these days revolves around work so mostly there will be one less body getting ready in the mornings.  Still it will be nothing like this moment, this quiet moment with my coffee and the distant fan noise behind me.  The occasional car zooming by (whoosh) I like to think of that traffic noise as ocean waves.  I have become accustomed to it.


Our long weekend was relaxing.  We had visitors from our Northern Coast, Oregon.  They brought a hand-picked gift of flowers they had collected while on their walk from the Grove to the Museums in Los Angeles.  A tiny beautiful bouquet of sweetness.  These are my favorite gifts of all.  Aus even came by to visit after his work shift and in-between seeing his girl.  We sat around the big table, shared a meal and talked.  My friend used to own her own bakery up that way and Austin has big dreams of owning his own one day.  They talked about really good bread and baking passions.  The passion rather than the money.  It was a good night and I’m thankful for the visit although it was short.

green big

I also received the most hilarious video this weekend,  “Big Green’s Adventures” Rich’s family is pretty funny and while visiting up north they decided to make a video slide show of Big Green’s Adventures and send it our way.  They get to see my little red and all his adventures and so let’s just say Big Green blows little red out of the water in all the stuff he does.  I plan to share that video later this week when I can figure it out.  It had me laughing so hard there were tears and actual talking to the computer screen, well pleading with it in the end!



I read lots this weekend. That book club you know.  I took notes, lots of notes and tried to get familiar with each character by writing brief descriptions by each of their names.  I had to at times read a paragraph twice to get the full understanding.  I learned new words and phrases and all this in only 5 chapters.  I have to admit while only five chapters into Emma, I already know I will like it.  I’m not exactly sure if I like Emma but I know I like the book.


This morning along with my quiet.  I had my farm fresh to you delivery to look forward to.  This time there were pears, white peaches, carrots, a nice healthy garlic, sweet peppers, heirloom and tomatoes.  I think today’s snack would be good of carrots and humus.  Yum.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Morning before the “Storm”

  1. Why don’t I live closer to you?
    I adore your posts.
    I am trying so hard to fit Emma in, but I told Vanessa last night it might be too much for me right now with work. I’m gonna try. I do love the story. And I know how you feel about Emma. She’s a busy body. But, you will learn to love her. My favorite is probably Ms Smith. She’s kind and sweet. And of course Mr. Knightly.
    If you love the book, you have to see the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow.
    It’s so well done.


  2. Our school year started a few weeks ago and the bloom is off the vine at this point. It doesn’t take long.

    Your tiny bouquet is like a little work of art. I have several of those old blue medicine bottles and that is by far our favorite way to display flowers.

  3. Haven’t read Emma or any of her books yet, but am always saying I’m going to. 🙂 And it looks like you may have some big greens of your own. Maybe little red and big green can make a movie together. 🙂
    Good morning to you Tracie. xo

  4. Can I just say how much I adore your owl mug? It’s so cheerful 🙂 Early mornings with a cup of coffee are my favorite time as well. No matter what the setting is, there’s a calm peacefulness that only lingers in the early morning. It’s almost like a gift each day waiting to be unwrapped…

    1. There is a certain sanctuary in fresh flowers, fresh fruits and Jane Austen, and you have captured it beautifully in your post. I read Austen while living in Kuwait many years ago and working at a school there. Teachers, when finished with their leisure reading, left books in the break room to share. That’s how I came to fall in love with Austen…I look forward to your journey…

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