Monday, Monday so Good to Me

Here we begin a new week.  A full new week of school and work and the back to the old routine kind of thing.  I already miss the freedom of summer.  Schedules and I don’t mix very well.  And while all the everydayness happens I still have some creative outlets I like to fit time for.  This week especially in Now You, the topic for this week is “meditation” and this sounds so much-needed.  I meditate in a few different ways.

My favorite would be waking up early (although not a morning person) I do appreciate the quiet beauty the morning brings.  When I do rise early, the smell of hot coffee is tops for me, then I snuggle up with my hot mug and open my devotion, I read it usually nodding in agreement and then I like to look up the scripture that is given with the devotion and most often writing it on a notecards and reading out loud to get the full impact.  Bow my head in prayer, but if you want to know the honest truth, my favorite way to pray is to talk looking up with my eyes open and to also speak out loud.  I’m not sure if this is considered not respectful but it feels right to me.  I know I have the up most respect so I don’t really care what others may think.



Working in my garden is another form of meditation for me.  It feels so right for me to get my hands dirty, and walk barefoot on the earth.  Pulling pesky weeds and trying to make my garden look the best it can.  Taking pictures of the growth.  The growing it excites me.  I trip out how the tiny seed goes into the ground then grows, grows and grows until it gives us food to eat.  Actual real food!




I suppose folding laundry is yet another form.  Smelling the aroma of the fresh laundry, having the honor of folding it just so and even the stacks that sit on top the table are proof we are blessed with clothing and a good life.


Washing dishes yet another.  I like mostly to play music when I do dishes, feeling the warm water on my hands and the yummy smell of the soap I use.  The clinking and clanking of the dishes, it’s one of those familiar life sounds.

Oh and cooking and baking, one of the best forms.  The cooking is like an honor.  To feed my family really good stuff, chopping the veggies into piles of color.  Saving the skins and shavings for the compost.  Then the smell of the food cooking through the house.  That’s home to me.  A home cooked meal.  It’s a big form of love in my opinion.


Now meditation aside, since clearly meditation can take many forms.  I also most recently hang out during the week in the “the treehouse club”   This club was formed by a creative, playful soul who resides in Portugal and invited me to play one day.  I like her very much because she never lost that childlike wonder.  The kind I tell my girl never, ever to lose or allow anyone to take from her.  I’m not so good at knowing how to place links in properly but that one up there is Vanessa’s blog.  We play in the treehouse on IG and today, the color is red.  So I will find something red and take a photograph and place it in the treehouse, that’s how that works.  Every 9th day of the month is red by the way.


And I read Jane Austen Still, the book Emma.  Because I also joined the book club to stretch myself into literature I would otherwise not have read.  All this and still the mom and wife stuff.  I just know if I didn’t fit these things in, I wouldn’t feel exactly alive.

Oh and about the change.  For now I use the free templates on WordPress until one day I may consider getting my own blog page to customize.  I barely have followers so why pay??  So for now I use their resources and change my look every so often.  I like to move furniture and change my page looks.  I like change.  It feels fresh and new all without spending money.

Lastly.  I believe in fragments.

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday so Good to Me

  1. I love how your house had become so familiar to me over the years, even though I’ve never been in it for real. Seems like you work a lot of meditation into your routine, scheduled day, T. And I know you’re going to to great with red! Love the first one 🙂

    1. I like the thought of my home being familiar to you. You do know I cherish my little red guy right? He has me thinking of you each time I shoot him. I can’t not shoot him without thinking of you, bravery and things like that. Thank you.

  2. God loves your prayers!

    Your writing, too, has a meditative quality as your describe the loving ways in which you support and care for your family.

    You have a great blog. I have a suggestion for growing it, a tip that I discovered after one long lonely year of blogging. On each of your posts, use tag lines which precisely match the topics in the Reader. Bloggers who are interested in those topics will often follow them and be more likely to see your posts. For a post like this one, for example, try the tags, “health, spirituality, inspiration, personal.” For a post about “Emma,” tag it “Books, personal.” Etc. Good luck! 🙂

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