today we shall dance

I know this day is a sad day for us here in the US.  Very bad things happened to us on this day in the year 2001.  It will be a day we will never forget no mater the days , months and years that pass.  Even my girl who was born after this horrible day, she remembers too.  The blessing in this day was how it brought America together, for a while there was no road rage, there was just thankfulness to be alive to be here.  I saw a big difference in people for the first several months after the attack.  We are back to the grind, the road rage began to creep in.  I wonder if you know what I mean?

On this day the 11th, I have a friend who was born and celebrates her birthday, a birthday now nobody also will never forget because of this day.  Today I want to wish her a happy birthday.  Happy birthday T.

On this 11th day I want to dance because it’s in the treehouse prompt.  So today I shall also dance.

photo (2)

On the 11th day we were to dance. So she did! In the skirt she wears far too often, with her heavy bumpy legs, with laundry piles all around, dishes to be done, appointments to met but she danced. No music needed, the songs are in her head. Today we were to dance.

5 thoughts on “today we shall dance

  1. i try to dance every day, whether in my car picking up the boy from school or washing dishes or taking a break from the computer. just gotta get up and shake my booty! ; )

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