Mad Men


My mom and sister are completely into Mad Men and they were talking about it the other night at dinner and got me all interested.  This weekend I had a chance to watch one episode from the first season and I was tripping out!! So much smoking and drinking and sleeping around in 1960’s!  Of course how would I know this being born in 1970 myself.   I think I’m slightly intrigued.  I think I may watch some more and see what this show is all about.  Have any of you out there watched this show?  I feel a slight bit sheltered.  I made a little mad men girl character of myself, slightly curvy of course!!  I’m still wondering if this show is a true reflection to that time period at least in the executive ad agency city sort of way?

Hope you all are having a great week.  Tomorrow is mid week.  I actually went to bed at 9:00 p.m. last night and slept through the night minus the 1:30 a.m. tap to our bedroom window because first-born forgot his house key.  But then I was able to fall back to sleep without a hitch.  Woke up rested however the morning I can’t say went smooth.  Abbie is not a morning person, need I say more.

3 thoughts on “Mad Men

  1. It’s hard to define exactly what MM is all about. It seems to have evolved as time has gone on. Its mostly an offbeat drama set in the 60’s, with lots of cultural references. I think sometimes they overplay the cultural references, and sometimes they play them just right. I’ve really come to like it.

  2. I got hooked on Mad Men a couple of seasons ago. It was summer and I felt like lounging. I felt like something witty. And found (some of) TV’s best-ever writing. I watched a season in three days and felt like I’d spent a weekend at a Broadway play. I can’t comment on the voracity of the cultural references in Mad Men…but what I can say is that I never tire of watching the human struggle that emerges through its characters. I never stop hoping that the characters that seem irredeemable will repent and I never stop holding my breath that the characters I’ve come to love won’t fall too far and will get on track and eventually transcend the temptation that continually befalls them. That’s my love of Mad Men–in something slightly larger than a nutshell.:-)

    1. I love that you watch it too! Gosh, I’m slightly hooked. While waiting on my oldest to get home last night safe I watched 2 more episodes. I bet before the weekend is up I will be on to season 2. Plus with my mom also watching the seasons all new to us, I want to catch up to her so we can chat about it. She is already into season two at least half way. I still trip out at all the drinking, it’s so much I can’t believe they were able to function!

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