Be still and listen, you may be surprised in what you hear

I only took two images I can even share, neither that spectacular and both with my iphone.  As I sit and wait for my youngest to get out of school. I may crack open a book (more rare) I mostly just scroll pictures on IG.  That’s the real honest truth.  I’m a photo junkie and I need to get my inspiration, my fix of goodness from around the world.  I can be having the crappiest day, filled with cramps and lady issues and be the crankiest person on the planet and then I see my “friend” who lives in Dublin and is in the hospital because her bloods too low and she has a fever and she is undergoing chemo.   And already I have seen other friends even closer that have had that same battle and then I see someone post a little heart and dedicate it to that friend who lives in Dublin and is battling cancer and is having a crappy day in the hospital.  I decide, why not?  Why not send this stranger friend some love from way over here, as I sit waiting to pick up my youngest girl.  I bet Vanessa just longs to pick up her boys from school today, but she is too busy battling with cancer and she has to depend on her husband and family to join in and help a mother out.  Then it gets placed right back into proper perspective.


I have also been paying attention from afar as a young couple sleep day and night at the children’s hospital while their little boy also battles cancer and their lives are turned upside down, yet in all of that they still have such joy, they instead find it as an opportunity to share God’s great gift.  It’s amazing to me what people can teach me.  They have no idea.  Sometimes we don’t realize people are paying attention or even watching the things we do, the things we can do to make a difference.  It’s important to share even when we don’t think anyone is listening, even more important to “do” it matters.

Have you ever got a little thought, or tug at your heart.  Like a little voice telling you, you ought to do this or that?  Easy to ignore and much harder to act upon.  I call that the Holy Spirit while others may call it intuition or the universe speaking to them.  Whatever it may be…I have always found that when I actually act upon it, the most unexpected results may occur and blessing begin to happen.

“There is no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things we do”   Albert Camus (the guy who wrote one of my favorite books ever….The Stranger)

BAGI leave you with the soccer player who finds a brown paper bag most interesting

9 thoughts on “Be still and listen, you may be surprised in what you hear

  1. Much love to Vanessa and love the connection we all have and that a little message from so far away can just lift your spirits, if even only for a moment. We have a wonderful little community of friends scattered around the globe. And I love Albert Camus’s quote. Very true. xo
    PS. Your boy is so much like mine. I can see him doing this. 🙂

    1. Seriously Cathie, I adore that you take the time to read and most always leave a comment for my daily or almost daily musings. You are the best ever. You know I would be a huge support of your blog when you find time to update it. However I know squeezing in the time is not easy for us working moms. Love you so much from way over here on a different day even!!

  2. Your words here are so honest and thoughtful. And you remind how important it is to spread kindness and support those who share our life’s journey. We do all learn from one another. I will be sure to stop by again. Best Wishes!

  3. oh i have been away from blog land, i have missed you. your heart is so big, your words resonated with me so this morning. thank you…

  4. it is truly amazing how people we have never met in real life touch our hearts, teach us life lessons, impact the way we view our days. and you, my friend, are one of those people to so many others as well. remember that.

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