Chicken Soup Really is the Best Medicine…maybe


My mom taught me as I’m sure lots of mom’s and grandmom’s taught us girls and boys….chicken soup heals!  So when motorcycle man came home from work sick with his eyes all glassy and droopy like Garfield I knew chicken soup was in our future.  When I was little I remember Campbell’s chicken noodle.  According to my mom, I was rarely if ever sick as a kid but when under the weather, my working mom in the early years fed me Campbell’s and later when she had more time she would make our chicken soup from scratch.  She used thick chewy noodles and her soup was so yummy.  However for motorcycle man I used his mom’s recipe for chicken and dumplings because this is what he grew up on.  This recipe was passed on to my mom-n-law from her mom-n-law, Rich’s grandma Joyce and it’s very simple with few ingredients and I have found we at times make this soup in the winter especially if on a budget because it’s filling and is very inexpensive to make.

IMG_5972The way Rich’s mom makes it is by boiling a whole chicken and using the chicken’s own juices as the broth, she adds carrots and celery, salt, pepper and sometimes parsley.  The dumplings are made simply of flour, salt, pepper and egg with the broth of the soup.  That’s it.  I cheat and buy boxed chicken broth and already roasted chicken from Costco.  I did however use our organic home delivered carrots which were super sweet and tender and the last of my homegrown parsley from the garden.

IMG_5977Motorcycle man is still not feeling too well but hoping the rest of the family minus the vegetarian can pre-medicate so they won’t even get what motorcycle man has.  Well, Abbie started it to be honest but since she is a youngster it doesn’t get her down as much.  She didn’t miss any school over it or even skip a beat really and she is already all better. REPEAT….”I WILL NOT GET SICK, I WILL NOT GET SICK.  I’M NOT GOING TO GET SICK” so take that!

I was also very delighted to find that today on “a cookbook a month” they also talked about the benefits of chicken soup (sort of) what a cool coincidence.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Soup Really is the Best Medicine…maybe

  1. The dumplings, are they like little balls of dough? If so, I used to have that as a child. My grandmother made them and I just loved them! I haven’t had them since.

  2. That’s so funny that we made the nearly the same thing on the same day. Did the chicken soup work? My son was back to school the next day, though I don’t know if that’s down to the soup or the sore throat/cold running its course.

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