I wonder how your weekend was?  Although a few under the weather we still managed to do stuff.   Two different chicken soups were made, one loaded with veggies from our delivery of last Tuesday.  I included fresh green beans, red potatoes, kale, carrots and onions with chicken broth and chicken.  It had a lot more flavor than the more simple chicken in dumplings and I felt like I was eating things that were really good for us.  Motorcycle man isn’t completely better, the first born is feeling a little lousy but worked anyway and was absolutely thrilled to see he picked up an 8 hour shift this week, explaining that only two other people at his work get full shifts and now he is the third.  It’s nice to see that our oldest has a strong work ethic, I can already tell.  He has not missed a day of work and has not been late also willing to cover shifts if needed.  I was worried about that sort of thing considering he is my most relaxed child who forgets a lot.  I was worried he wouldn’t remember his schedule and things like that.  Plus even with his car being out of commission after the accident he manages to figure out how to get to and from work.  His part arrived too last week so soon he and motorcycle man will be getting that bug up and running.  We are fortunate that motorcycle man is handy and also Aussie seems to have a natural knack for that sort of stuff too.

photo (3)

photo (6)

He sent me a text when his part came in:)

Abbie and I kicked off the start of our weekend by enjoying a frozen yogurt together and rocking out in the car to “If you think I’m Sexy” we dedicated that to my mom who used to LOVE that song, probably still does and when I was growing up I have this vivid memory of her playing that song over and over on the record player as she be bopped around the house cleaning.  Naturally whenever I hear the song I think of her.

photo (4)

Me and Abbie with our matching shades.

Dylan spent the weekend with grandma and grandpa and went to an awesome auto show where he got to sit inside fancy cars, cars that were as much as 2 million dollars, can you believe that?

car show

Dylan and the Seb man

And last but not least….the pumpkins are showing promise!!

photo (2)

And I’m in season three in Mad Men, like half way through.

6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Hope you are all feeling better soon. The cold season is cycling thru our house too. I always think of Mike Myers wearing a kilt in So I Married an Axe Murderer when I hear the song If You Think Im Sexy. Though we quote that movie often around our house – especially when referring to our oldest and her massive head.. 🙂

  2. oh yes! we call our oldest jimmy neutron, he had this nice big bulbus head, we just told him it means he’s got the brains in the family! He has grown into it but we had some laughs…he thought it was funny too….I think??

  3. Oh you guys are funny. I also think of Mike Myers when I hear that song from the Axe Murderer movie. And I always sing it with a Scottish accent just to make it better. And so does my son now and he hasn’t even seen the movie. He just thinks that’s how its sung. 🙂
    And you know what else is funny Miss Tracie, is that Jessica wears the same size and shape sunglasses as I do, just like you and Abbie in that pic. Girls!!!!
    Glad you had a nice weekend missy moo. I had a 4 day long weekend. We went to the park and movies on Friday, made mini movies for Vimeo and went through old home movies with Jess on Saturday. We laughed at them so much. Played in the garden with hubby on Sunday while the kids had some friends over and went for a swim and a BBQ at home yesterday. Lovely weekend. Oh, and I got some new “old” cameras to play with. My Polaroid SX-70 actually had film in it so I took 2 photos yesterday which I totally over exposed, so will try again this weekend. YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!

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