This and That….apples and rain


Well of course 88 is great but I can’t do a make-over until that number reaches 100.  I’m not in any rush believe me.  This would mean I have to carve the time to actually do the make-over.  The exciting part is that my friend Sara has offered to take my portraits for the make-over when that day arrives and well, she is wicked talented and it’s really going to be an honor for me to have her shoot me. That sounds sort of weird…shoot me.   I can’t wait to be shot!   I’m most looking forward to the massive fun I will have with Sara and my sister as they have their way with me.  So this will be in the future.  I have not forgotten.

We have rain in the forecast for today, which means apple pizza.  I had three apples delivered from last Tuesday and have been waiting for a gloomy day to flatten out some homemade dough and arrange sliced apples on top for what we will be calling an apple pizza.  I just can’t wait to have the smell fill our home!


I’m only two pages into my Jane Austen “Mansfield Park” I have been busy writing notes to my mom and it took center stage.  Vanessa has described reading Jane Austen like this, and I quote directly “Reading Jane Austen, to me, is warm blanket and warm milk, tea, cozy in bed, sunk on a sofa, lost in thought, frozen in time. This is why I like reading her, it requires that I actually do just one thing, read. I guess we forget to do one thing for ourselves, put ourselves first, do something for the simple pleasure of it.”  She does make it sound like a really amazing thing.   But I’m the girl who likes simple books with simple words but I have not given up, I will keep trying and I’m hoping to find that same love she and my friend Teri share.  Teri loves Jane so much she actually wrote a book inspired by her.

I’m just typing out a nonsense blog today because….a wise woman I know told me I should blog more.  So I’m trying, even if it’s nonsense like this!

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