mom’s remedies


I’m not going to admit that I’m full blown sick but I will admit there are signs of sickness revealing itself.  My throat hurts pretty bad.  So instead of bowing fully to the bug I will medicate with home remedies.  We already did the homemade chicken soups but what about VICKS?  When I was little it was our go to when we had colds.  Mom would rub it on our chest and throat and wrap a bandanna around our necks.  My father-n-law takes a finger dab and eats it.  My friend Monica said the warning to not eat it doesn’t really count, it’s like the speed limit, do we really ever drive the speed limit?  Well I do mostly but since I know my father-n-law swears by it, and Monica also says eating it is the bomb, whelp I had to have a dab full.  It wasn’t as amazing as they both described.  I made a pretty terrible face, Dylan saw me do it and said “Mom, you are not supposed to eat that stuff!”  my response, “Papa eats it and swears by it”  he responds with “Papa was in the military, he can do things like that, but not you”  But I did, and I also lathered it all over my chest and neck and tied on my  bandana.  I will not succumb to this cold, not entirely, just a tiny bit.  When I stopped by the drugstore on my way home from work, I wanted to buy the BIG tub we had when I was growing up.  The big tub was almost 20.00!!! So I got the tiny tube for 5.00. I wanted the biggest tub I could find because my friend Monica also told me that if you put vicks on your feet when you have a cough and put your socks on over it, then the cough will be surpressed.  I have tried this too in the past and it does work.  Since she shared this trick with me, I also lather my kids feet up with it and bundle them in socks so they can sleep better at night when they have a cough.  Thanks to her I have adopted this home remedie for years now.


 See how tiny this 5.00 tub is??

photo (2)This is the sort of stuff I deal with around here, my silly second born photo bombing me.  I have to admit, he made me laugh.

I also remember summers with my great grandma and she kept vicks at her bedside.  I’m not sure why but I think I remember her putting it on nearly every night, that or she just smelt like vicks a lot.  Maybe she was using it for preventative measures?  This has me ending today’s post with the prayer my great grandma would say with me each night as she held my hand until I fell to sleep.  I have such great memories with her and my great grandpa, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with them as I was growing up.  The prayer went like this “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep but if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take”  I remember I used to ask my grandma “why would I pray for God to take my soul,  I really wanted to keep it. “

5 thoughts on “mom’s remedies

  1. I always wondered why we’d ask for our soul to be taken too, but was always afraid to ask when I was little.

    My mom used to buy the medicated ointment from the Ralieigh door to door salesman, which came in a tin – she’d warm the ointment up on the stove, using the tin, slather it on our necks and pin an old wool sock over top of it. I always remember being sick meaning that you were both greasy and itchy..

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