the usual this and that

Silly I know to even go on like this but here I go.  Today is busy.  I have to pick up my prints from Costco, then get to the post office to mail them off to my dear, dear awesome friend who will then place them on foam board for me cause she is awesome like that, then pick up the soccer player from school, to then take him to his physical so he can play on the soccer team, in which he has already let me know “mom, you can stay in the waiting room” Not so excited about what the physical will entail and no way does he want the mother who birthed him and breast-fed him to be anywhere near the room when the “exam” is done.  So then I need to pick up the littlest and only girl from her cheer clinic.   And well that’s really all because Motorcycle man already let me know he has dinner covered.  Pasta dish with cheesy garlic bread, in which I say “you don’t even like pasta”  in which he says “I’m taking one for the team”  Gosh it seemed like so much more in my mind but I’m pretty sure I can pull this off with ease.  I guess I just needed to write it out.  I may even have time to read, but most likely I will be watching the girl practice for her cheer try outs for Wednesday. I also have half a notion to pick up those red pants I saw at Costco.  I know really huh? Tells you how much style I have that I’m gunna buy a pair of pants at Costco.   I just realized when I went to the funeral on Saturday that I had not too many clothes, like two pairs of jeans (one really tight pair) and a few maxi skirts and that was about the extent of it.  So I think a few more pants in different colors would be a good idea.  Oh and there’s that one thing that I need to do, fill the back pack with school supplies for the outreach Abbie’s school is part of.  There is that too.  Oh, I can do it.  Wonder Mom powers activate!

photoThis morning as the sun peeked in.  I’m so grateful for another day.

 And last but of course not least, farm fresh to you was on my doorstep this morning as it is every other Tuesday and those days are the best kind of days.  It was most likely there when I got a tap at my back window at 1:30 a.m. as the first-born was locked out and I ran first frantic to the front door even though I heard the tap at my back window.  It was probably there then but I was too in a panic to find where to let my son it at;)

farm freshWhen I proof read this, still could have mistakes but anyway…I read this and it’s all about me, me, me but I just write these things so us gals can stand united and be nodding our heads like, yes! yes! I get that or the mom’s who have already done it…yep, yep…I remember that.  Or the mom’s who have this in their future,  oh wow, so I have that to look forward to?  So even though it’s all about me, it’s really all about US.


6 thoughts on “the usual this and that

  1. I am forever nodding and saying yep, I hear you! And sometimes even I’m thinking, ‘wow, seriously?? you are going through this today too?’. Yep, we stand united sister from another mister.

  2. oh i remember days like that. i miss them. my days are my own now, mostly and sometimes i am lost. so enjoy. i wish i was there with you. go buy the red pants!

  3. Yep Yep indeed! A week like that for me over here. In fact, yesterday I showed up for a teacher’s conference that was really scheduled for today, and DIDN’T show up for a doctor’s appointment that WAS scheduled for yesterday because I thought it was for today. Tuesday disappeared on me. I think I’m losing my mind!! Lol. Yep Yep!!

  4. my mom calls those weeks ‘meeting myself coming and going.’ and yep although my kid is in college i still have days like that. 🙂 finding a little light and gratitude is certainly the way to get through it.

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely, heartfelt comments. glad that our paths crossed out here in the blogosphere. love, kelly

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