clean floors are worth celebrating


It all began Thursday morning.  The alarm goes off at 5:45, I drag out of bed because I have never been a morning person.  My ritual is feeding the animals first, and the kitties they run around my legs meowing and meowing and I think it’s so cute.  I start my coffee and then I sit and read my devotion.  This particular morning had one of my favorite references which is about not worrying. This one found in Luke 12:22-24 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear.  Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.  Consider the Ravens:  They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn, yet God feeds them.  And how much more valuable are you than the birds!”  Those words just never get old to me.  I did all the other mom stuff and had to photograph this rose.  This rose motorcycle man ripped off the rose bush for me.  Yes, I say ripped because he didn’t use clippers or anything like that.  It just made me smile so big when he brought it in this morning. It was a good pause plus I got a kiss with it.  So this is why I begin with the picture of the rose.

Now let’s get to the floors!  Also this morning I just started to freak out a little as the beautiful morning light hit my kitchen floors.  I mean I said out loud “oh my gosh the floors are gross!” “I think I will need to do something about them today when I get home from work, I just have to. ”  And so….I did.  Below is the process and you know it was a beautiful process.  I completely enjoyed the job.  I’m not kidding you.  I crank on the music, grab my camera.  Clean a little pause for pictures and just take the entire process in.  I just know when I finish,  walking on that floor will feel so much better. I still love my cork floors, I just do.  Don’t even regret putting the cork in the kitchen.  It feels nice beneath the feet.  Speaking of feet, try not to look very close at mine.  Bluck.  They could use some major attention, but it’s real.  Just keeping it real.  So now my floors, they are clean and they feel nice and they look pretty, and they shine.  We all know though this will only last maybe 24 hours if I’m lucky, then the crumbs start hitting the floor and pushing against the edges.  And then I sort of ignore it for a time until one morning I will notice the pretty morning light shining on all the bits of chunky dust on my kitchen floor.  But today, I celebrate!  I celebrate my clean floors.  And btw, doesn’t every good mom clean her floors in her work clothes? I bet so.


The before floorIMG_6156

My mom brought me back this kitchen towel from Arkansas.  She said “this is so you”  and we laughed and laughedIMG_6158

Dylan even had fun with the cleaning of the floors, he had his own soundtrack going thoughIMG_6165

All swept up!IMG_6164

Vinegar, the secret weaponIMG_6167

I love to keep containers and re-use them for stuff like this.  My rag was an old t-shirt.IMG_6169

Okay so when I use the timer, I’m not super picky about how clear the shot is, it’s just the idea of what’s going on hereIMG_6176

See there, cleaning in my pretty work shirtIMG_6172

Eeeeek, those feet but look at those shiny floorsIMG_6182

And motorcycle man, he mowed the lawnIMG_6189

Our littlest and only girl, had a good idea when she took her school work outsideIMG_6197

and the pumpkins, they still grow
IMG_6200See the promise?

14 thoughts on “clean floors are worth celebrating

  1. What a gorgeous rose! and such a lovely gesture! 🙂 I feel that we must be cosmic-twins…I do the same thing, floors when I see the mess, and house work in my office work clothes….
    It’s funny to see your pumpkins growing too! Ours are almost all harvested and we expect frost in the not too distant future…thanks for sharing. Connie

    1. Hi Connie, welp, I planted those pumpkins a little late but I figure what the heck, let’s see if I can get at least once by Thanksgiving! And I knew it, just knew I wasn’t the only gal who impulsively works in her work clothes rather than take that minute to change into something more moveable and less nice. My goal today is to try those radish chips. It’s on the list, I’ll see what happens. Take Care.

  2. Hi Tracie, lovely to meet you! =) … Love the photos as usual. I can relate, I like to clean too and absolutely love clean floors and clean sheets. I actually find cleaning therapeutic! xx

  3. I totally agree with you—when my house is looking a bit shabby and dusty, I start to stress. It makes me feel disorganized and a little overwhelmed. But every Saturday is cleaning day, and I LOVE being able to sit back and look at the sunlight stretching across CLEAN wood floors. It makes me feel accomplished. Your photography is stunning—beautiful blog site you have here!

  4. Oh I’m a floor cleaner too. In my previous house the kitchen floor was white ceramic tiles…it showed up everything! I couldn’t mop it as it showed the streaks, so it was a hands and knees job with cleaner, and paper kitchen towel to shine it up. Woe betide anyone who came in after it was just done!

  5. That was one of the first verses I learned as an adult returning to church, which is fitting because I’m a worrier. It never gets old to me either.

    I love your blouse!

    1. thank you Joyce, the part about my blouse. I love that verse. Abbie had just learned it in school but was confused when I told her it was in Luke the other day, she said “but the one I learned was in Matthew” Then it opened up for discussion about how in the gospels have a lot of the same stuff just written slightly different depending.

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