So what do you do with a radish?

photo (2)

this is my compost bowl.  I cheated and made that radish into a heart, but that leaf is for REAL!

I put the question out to the universe, well actually more like the world-wide web, which is really just narrowed down to my readers which is under 100, but still I put it out there and one awesome person gave me an idea.  Her name is Connie and she is another fellow blogger who takes pretty pictures of things she sees and quilts!!  Yes QUILTS.   I admire the  quilters out there so much.  You should visit her quilt gallery on her page.  So pretty!   Anyway she told me I could make radish chips.  She even briefly described how to do it.   So I did it!  And those radishes did not go to waste, I ate every last bit of them.  Even the burnt ones…that’s another story.  I left to go get the littlest and only girl and left the boys in charge of taking them out.  Let’s just say the photo speaks for itself.  They tasted far better than the end result appeared.  I also got to thinking, these radishes have to have some good quality to them right?  So I googled it and found THIS, and it’s pretty cool.  These red root plants are really good for you!

And what would my blog be if I didn’t take pictures of every last thing I do.


I had these already for 3 days and accidentally left them in my fruit bowl so the leaves got really wilty but I just rinsed them off and the red part was good to go


I got really crazy and sprayed these with coconut oil, sprinkled sea salt then cracked pepper

IMG_6216See what I mean about the burnt ones.  They tasted good to me, like really way better than I expected

12 thoughts on “So what do you do with a radish?

  1. Mmm, I’ll have to try this! Have you tried kale chips? They are made the same way and are really good too. Your images here are so good! Love the vibrant color and the heart shapes! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I’m so glad you tried them, and liked them too! I have done this with potatoes, beets (super yummy), and sweet potatoes or yams ( I can’t tell those two apart). I have heard of using parsnip & carrots too! Good job you! 😃

    …and thanks for the mention.


  3. Glad they tasted good… not a big fan of radish though… I’ve been wanting to learn how to quilt. But I’m really rubbish at anything crafty. Can only manage to do simple crafts with T. Will head off to her blog now and die of envy. Love the photos as usual.

  4. I’m not crazy about radishes but those look so good. I also read where Valerie Bertinelli was talking about her weight loss and how she made a snack with diced radishes and celery mixed with a bit of cream cheese and seasonings. I adopted that as my favorite snack for a long time!

  5. Those look delicious! It never occurred to me to make them into chips. We only ever have them in salads or sliced and with butter. I’m filing this one away for next spring. Thanks!

    Also, I just love your photos. I don’t usually comment but I always love stopping by and seeing what you have captured! 🙂

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