She made the team!!!!


I have so much to share I don’t even know where to begin.  I will start with the biggest news first.  Our littlest and only girl made the 6th grade cheer team!!! Technically called Pep Squad.  We got the email at around 6:30 Friday night.  It was killing little her and well to be honest, it was killing big me too!

She woke up Friday morning at 6:30 a.m.  and the first question she asked was “Did Mr. J email you yet?” NOPE.

She got in the car after school Friday with a huge smile, “Did Mr. J email you yet?”  NOPE.

It seemed every 30 minutes after she got home from school, she would run in “Did Mr. J email you yet?”  NOPE.

I was getting to the point where I was beginning to think No news may mean she didn’t make the team.  I even got all crazy mom and emailed our vice principal Mr. J to ask him “Should we celebrate or should we start talking about how God has other plans for her?” It worked out perfect though because I got the email while Motorcycle man and I were out and about so we were able to stop and buy some Charleston Chews (her favorite candy) to spell out “YOU MADE IT” and we even found a cute little Hello Kitty stuffed animal with a cheer outfit on!   And when she came in from playing soccer barefoot on the asphalt with our neighborhood kids she saw the candy on the countertop and it took her a minute to make it out but when she did…..SHE CRIED.  And it was so sweet.  She was so happy that she cried. The littlest and only girl has enough emotion in that little body for both her and her 2 older brothers btw.

PicMonkey Collage

This is such great news and we are so happy for her because I’m not even joking when I say almost her entire little life, all she has ever wanted to be is a cheerleader.  So much so that when Dylan was playing Pop Warner, grandma bought her a personalized cheer outfit with orange and white pom poms so she could cheer on her brother from the stands.  SEE.

little abbie cheerleader

I want to pinch those cheeks!!  And look at those little red shoes!

Since I have so much to share I’m going to break it up.  Tomorrow I will post about  Saturday breakfast at Amy’s and the Indy 500.  We went to the car races for the first time ever.  Well, not for motorcycle man but for me and the kids and it was really, really exciting!

Then on Sunday we got up early and tried to find the LOVE ride, we missed the big group…I think? We just never could find the sea of bikes.  So we will try again next year.  We had fun anyway though….of course.

13 thoughts on “She made the team!!!!

  1. I’m so happy for her.. I was getting nervous when you weren’t posting. I think when I saw the you made it candy I got a tear too. Heehee

    1. And thank you so much. I think this will really boost her confidence, she struggles with that because she “thinks” she isn’t skinny enough like most of her little girlfriends. I tell her probably too much how beautiful and perfect she is, exactly the way she is. Sometimes she just says “mom, you have to say that cause your my mom”

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