then and now

In looking for motorcycle pictures from back in the day I ran across a few really sweet images.  I want to share just a few today.  You see my kids they were small once too and they grow far too quick as you have been warned.  My hope is that although there may be times of separation as they grow, for instance the 18-year-old who just wants to move out.   The same kid who wants to move out of this state.  That even if we have distance between us that ultimately they will remain close, loving and have a bond that is not breakable, that they will not let petty words, or silly things break up their love for one another, that they won’t just be family but remain friends. This is my hope and this is my constant prayer.

3 in the tub, a few moons agoSo this will never happen again, I hope.

abbie rainbow and dylan hockeyDylan is in the middle, he can either be what we like to call the antagonist  or……. see below

DSCF0734The loving doting brother, just depends:)

tea partThe oldest is however mostly just loving

jeep and skatesBut the youngest well she…..(see below)

crazy fun she is always in control!

iphone 2012 361this works out pretty nice, we have a somewhat current picture to place with the flashback picture.

school first dayWhen they were all in school at the same time Abbie 1st, Dylan 4th and Austin 8th and I have no idea why the littlest and only girl is holding a cell phone, I can only guess it’s mine because she for sure didn’t have her own!

first day of schoolThis is the last first day of school picture I will have since they will not ever be starting on the same first day again.  Austin Sr. Dylan 8th and Abbie 5th

19 thoughts on “then and now

  1. I love looking at family pics too – lovely family. I have one in grade 8 and one in grade 5 too. It’s a busy time – and it must be good to know that you have raised an independant child who is prepared to go out on his own now and try out the world for himself.

  2. oh this was so fun. fun to see your kids so little. it is fun to look back. if we look closely we can see their personality even back then. i so enjoyed this mama!

  3. What a beautiful family T. I recently took a ride down memory lane and oh my.. I love it, makes me smile, laugh and a little sad too seeing them grow so fast.

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