baking homemade pumpkin pie and counting my blessings

Yesterday I received in the amazing box of organic goodness some inspiration.  In the box of fresh organic produce, there was a small sweet pumpkin; there was a bundle of leeks, tender butter lettuce, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, carrots, persimmons and chard.  These deliveries have me trying new things.  I looked at the leeks and knew exactly what would be happening with those!  Potato leek soup of course and that sweet tiny pumpkin had to become homemade pumpkin pie.  Below I have posted a few images of my hours in the kitchen because I was in there for HOURS.  I think I used almost every bowl I owned, plus made a nice little mess in my kitchen as I chopped away.   The potato leek soup was very easy with little ingredients but a little time-consuming with all the peeling and chopping and it takes me even longer because I’m snapping pictures by my kitchen window trying to work fast so the light stays longer.  I will be frank,  I love cooking I find it completely satisfying however when I spend so many hours in the kitchen I leave feeling like I need a good long stretch.






I swear I see a tiny green heart in there. 

And about the pears.  I keep meaning to let Farm Fresh to You know that I don’t like pears but in the meantime since I have not done that this awesome blogger posted a recipe I will be trying with the pears from this week’s delivery, you may want to try it too, check it out







See what I mean about the mess!

I’m so thankful.  This week has been good.  It’s been busy as usual but so very good.  I have really kind friends.  I have supportive friends.  I feel blessed.  I’m used to being a person who will encourage a friend, I’m always happy for good fortune with my friends and family and I want to be right there by whoever’s side needs to have a little support.  It’s where I’m most comfortable.  However being that this Friday I will be in the “spot-light” so to speak, well it leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable.  I’m so much happier behind the camera, behind the shining star, I like to be in the background, the shadows…you know.  Taking it all in.  This is very much out of my comfort zone.  My friend Lilly drove me to El Segundo Monday night to meet my other buddy Sara who mounted my pictures to foam board.  My friend accidently forgot the prints at her office so we had fun anyway, had a yummy dinner on Main Street and laughed and enjoyed the impromptu girls night out. Lilly met a new friend and we had a nice time out and about on a Monday night.  But then because my friend Sara forgot those prints she then drove to my house yesterday to hand deliver them,  which meant I got to see her two times in one week, a very rare thing indeed!  And Sara has a lot going on yet she still made the time.  You see she has a big event tonight, she and her partner have a shared collaboration that is up for auction and I’m so proud of them and I just know, I know she will be famous one day.  They have a white dress series that is AMAZING, take a look at that for yourself!   

14 thoughts on “baking homemade pumpkin pie and counting my blessings

  1. Trace your pictures are so amazing! You should totally be a food photographer! Love you so much and I wish I could be there Friday for the big event, I am so proud and excited for you.

  2. you’re having a show? wow!! great big congratulations on that. you must be so, so excited. and i quite agree with kierston: you should really be a food photographer—these are beautiful!

    1. Hi Kate, well not so much a show. It’s a small art walk in the town I grew up in. I was given an opportunity to show a few of my prints. Thank you for compliment on my food picture abilities, I love food so much it makes it easy.

  3. That looks amaaaaazing. I love pumpkin, but no idea how to make a pumpkin pie. I know I can google it, but I love collecting recipe’s from friends. Can you send me your recipe pretty please??? All of your photos are amazing, but these are seriously making me hungry. 😉

  4. Oh wow, good luck! Don’t worry, I’m sure your photos will stand-out like they do in your blog-posts. All the best, D. ps. Don’t like leeks but judging from the photo you took of it, I would gladly eat it! 🙂

    1. Thank you Dean for your well wishes very much. Once those leeks were all blended up, it just left a nice mild flavor. It’s about all I can think to do with them but I bet there are more options to explore. If I get them in my delivery again I can experiment.

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