grateful for support, for oppertunity and dreams that do come true

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When Lilly offered me a spot a few months ago for my hometown cities art walk, I couldn’t say no, after all I had been talking to Lilly for at least an hour  at our first meeting when I mentioned I have always dreamt of showing my prints one day and in our big city with all the talented fish in the sea, how could I ever just get out there you know?  I had just finished congratulating her on her bravery of opening up her very own shop when I decided to share some of my dreams. She didn’t hesitate, within seconds of me telling her of my hopes and dreams she offered me that spot in her shop. In fact it could have been as soon as June but I couldn’t consider taking that quick spot when I had two kids promoting and my oldest graduating high school so her next available spot was in November.  When I said yes, I had not thought ahead to November being a month of gratitude.  How perfect is that!  Last night was November 1st, the very first day of gratitude.  If you know me well, you know I’m just not thankful during the month of November as many of us are grateful every single day of our lives but in November we like to pay special close attention and really acknowledge our daily gratitude.

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I was of course a bundle of nerves as the evening got closer, I had questioned my choices of prints, I had questioned the size I decided to enlarge them to, I had questioned the entire thing really at one time or another.  I didn’t feel exactly worthy to be promoting my prints at an official art walk aside other real live artists.  But then there was Lilly who kept reminding me, “you are an artist Tracie and today is your day to celebrate what you love to do.”  She has a very natural ability to encourage and uplift.  Abbie and I got there on the early end.  I handed the littlest and only girl my camera with my 50mm lens and told her she was the designated photographer for the evening.  She was all over it!  Before anyone began to arrive, Lilly offered to pray and so we three held hands and Lilly opened in the most beautiful uplifting and calming prayer and I closed in a short to the point kind of prayer.  It was immediately after that I began to settle just a little.

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The first supportive family to arrive was our cousin Jeanie and our very tall cousin Mark and their never meet a stranger boy Jeremiah.  We talked and laughed and they complimented the prints and it felt so right.  Jeanie even bought a handful of post cards.  It was shortly after that when motorcycle man walked in, it’s always such a relief to see him, my nerves already calming began to calm even more at his presence.  Then after that it was like the flood gates opened, friends I had not seen in such a long time showed up and surprised me and sadly as the night came to an end I realized I had not had the opportunity to take pictures when all the people who stopped by.  That part bummed me out, I didn’t even take a picture with motorcycle man of all things!    My furthest traveled supporters were my sister-n-law and my brother-n-law who drove in two hours from Landers and not only that….they bought a print!  My family blows me away with the support they give.  In fact I sold all five prints!  Two were complete strangers!  While one went to my very, very talented photographer friend Kelly who came to support me when she herself is off the charts amazing with her successful photography business True Bliss Photography   Then Maddy’s parents popped in and also purchased a print without me even realizing it until after they left.  Maddy in case you’re wondering is my oldest boys girlfriend. I have put together a few mosaics of some of the pictures we did remember to take and I just want to say once again I’m so thankful for everyone who drove out on a busy Friday night to spend their time with me and support my love of photography.  It’s a true honor to be out in our community having the privilege to show my photo’s and visit with people who I truly care about.

This (exhibit ) if you want to call it that will be up for the entire month of November  displayed in Share and Do Good and although all the prints have sold, the artichoke actually twice, but that’s okay because I’m glad to make another print because all the profits will got to Mary  who takes trips to Uganda to love on the orphans and raises money to help the orphanage.  I do have post cards left  and Lilly’s store is always a great place to visit, it’s worth the trip that’s for sure.  Plus Fullerton has so many darling coffee shops and restaurants, vintage clothing stores and the very popular “oh hello friend” is right down town on Harbor.

grateful for the opportunity, grateful for the support, it’s like a dream come true. 

17 thoughts on “grateful for support, for oppertunity and dreams that do come true

  1. This is completely and utterly glorious to see and to read. I wish I’d been there!!! But this post makes me feel like I was. Bravo, bravo. oxoxoxox

    1. Pam, you and many of the 52 weeks women were there. I listend to Brave a few times the days lining up to the art walk night. I listen the the entire c.d. actually all week. It gives me chills sometimes when I really, really pay attention to those songs and who they belong to. Kathryn was so sweet to put that together.

  2. Congratulations T on fantastic showing! You are an artist with a HUGE heart that touches many! I am thankful to call you friend. I am so happy for you and want to plan a trip up to visit your exhibit and maybe lunch?

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