Day three


It took me a few days to come up with a new plan and turns out…… I didn’t come up with it but my friend Cristin Spriggs gave me the idea when she posted this idea on her FB page!  It’s my take on her idea. Her’s is actually much nicer with the word thankful painted on the top and she is rolling papers and sticking them in the chicken wire holes.  I didn’t even have to build anything because I just took my garden fence from a few years back and hung it on the wall after just writing a few words in sharpie around the wood edges and unscrewing the hinges.  And that was that!  Cristin actually also re-used an old garden fence as well. This is one of the three R’s in the Recycle process (re-purposing) I’m thankful for friends who share new ideas. Today it’s that simple.


The Original purpose for our now gratitude board was originally our garden fence from two springs ago. 


 I took this photo outside in the garden again but it’s now hanging on the wall in the big blue room

16 thoughts on “Day three

  1. First off that tree of yours is amazing. I love it. And now this. You shine! Did you know that. You just radiate kindness and gratitude. I am so glad I found you.

  2. Would love to do this too! But I’m a bit spent lately, what with the new-pup and all… Excuses, excuses right? But as usual, you always come up with the most amazing ideas =)

      1. Tracie, worse than a new born! At least new borns smell nice and you just want to cuddle them! Well, our pup is cute and “cuddable” but he stinks! I’ve bathed him already, but the vet frowned when I asked him how often can I bath him. He said dogs don’t really need it! Grr.

  3. What a wonderful idea – I may join you in this grateful exercise! I use a mason jar and place thankful or ‘good news’ notes in it; then read them all on New Year’s Eve…helps to remember the good times and know that all was not bad, trying or stressful. Thank you!

  4. Okay LOVE this too! Love your Thankful tree and now a grateful fence…. simply awesome! Cristin shared one her grateful projects with me a few years ago and I agree she is so darn creative too. Okay I think I need to go and start writing on my garden posts… Great post and pic T

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