day five

watch step

I’m thankful for my favorite skirt.  Maybe about half the time and sometimes more than once a week, I wear this skirt.  I picked it up at Target, this past summer. It cost 19.99 and I believe that 20 bucks was well spent!  As you can see by the few pictures I share below.  I love this skirt, maybe even too much.  Nope, not possible!  I love it just perfect! Yep….PERFECT!  And now I have a new colorful, amazing sweater don’t be surprised if you see images of this sweater in my day-to-day life.  I’m like that.  I get something I really love and I wear it and I wear it and I wear it, almost like it’s the only thing that exists. I don’t really care what anyone thinks of my excessive wearing of favorite things because it makes me smile and that’s all that really matters to me. Plus it’s really very comfortable and very versatile as you can see below.  I can wear a variety of shoes and with it, tops too.  I suppose versatile in my world because matching isn’t exactly top priority for me.  If I like it I wear it and it doesn’t even matter if it matches…. just ask my mom about my matching abilities, it goes way back.  Is anyone else like that?

fav skirt 1 fav skirt 2 fav skirt 3 fav skirt 4 fav skirt 6lunch fav skirt 10


8 thoughts on “day five

  1. 🙂 Wow, you do mix it up with the shoes don’t you. I’m a bit the same (when a lot the same but you know that). I buy a new top that I love and I just wear it to death. Then I’m sad when it’s dead from being worn every 2nd day. I love the snippet of your new sweater I have seen in a photo.

  2. tracie, i can SO relate. with certain pieces of clothing, i just wear and wear and wear. i’m glad you’re enjoying that skirt. those worthwhile finds are treasures. hug to you!

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