day six or xis if you read backwards


You know when you have the sort of day when things just go a little wrong.  Not too wrong but not so smooth.  I had dropped off on Monday a file to be printed, you know the artichoke that somehow sold two times, that one image I was most concerned about, remember the quote “I enlarged an artichoke for pete’s sake.  I started to sort of panic, like why didn’t I have the pin wheel printed or something more interesting”  So when I went yesterday to pick up the enlargement, it was GONE!  either;

A) Lost in the shuffle

B) Someone else took it (weird)

C) It never got printed


 So I had to reprint the image.  They said,  just do your shopping and it will be done when you get back.  When I came back they told me they had trouble tracking down the order online to reprint.  Lucky I had my memory stick with me a.k.a USB drive.  This had me running late to pick up second born.  He was okay with it of course.  He waited for me at the golf course.  Then I had to mail the print so my good friend could mount it for me.  I’m not kidding when I say the line was very long at the post office, with one postal worker and a gal in front of me who had 7 packages and about 20 envelopes to mail.  So we waited and waited until it was our turn.  The postal worker asked if I wanted insurance, I first said “no thank you”  It’s only going two cities over but then I quickly changed my mind “yes, add it, my luck has not been so great today”  So she added it.  I asked her to stamp it “DO NO BEND”  I even had some light cardboard in the padded envelope.  When Sara received it today it was creased.  This in a nutshell means all that time spent, was wasted basically. That’s not everything but I think you get the jest of it.  So that’s how my day was.  But I’m still grateful, I’m extremely grateful because these things are such small inconveniences.  Things turned around on my drive home from Target with the second born and his best friend.  The sun was golden and picture worthy.  That was a gift.  Then after our yummy dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes and corn, Motorcycle man suggested a walk.  So we walked with Max and Abbie joined us with her roller blades and at the end of our walk and almost home a falling star was spotted and that too was a gift, a rare gift in this suburb.  I found my gratitude in a rather hectic day.  It was still there waiting for me on the sidelines. 

photo (3)

A friend of mine suggested I read this entry,  I was nodding my head yes!  yes, that’s how I feel.  There are times I feel sort of guilty for being so positive and grateful like it may be a false message for those out there who are struggling, sad, battle depression, have a serious illness or things just are not so smooth in their lives.  I feel guilty that I share the little blessings here or there.  But the point is, my life is good, yes, but it’s not perfect.  We struggle to pay bills, I still have irritating sores on my legs that itch so bad I want to claw off my skin, again such small inconveniences but when I focus on the blessings that God clearly has placed right in my path, it helps me to not focus so much on the discomforts or inconveniences in my life.  That’s all.

8 thoughts on “day six or xis if you read backwards

  1. Like they say, “All’s well that ends well” and at least you were able to squeeze out a happy ending here! You have such a great attitude towards life, a wonderful perspective! And your images here are incredible, as always!

  2. Ahh these days that test us. I know the feeling well. I’m glad your day got better in the end Tracie. Yes we all have struggles, but these struggles are sometimes made a little lighter when others share their blessings and encouragement that things can and do get better. Love that you saw a shooting star too. 🙂
    PS. You’re driving on the wrong side of the road. Be careful. 😉

  3. Ahh I know full well days like this. Where I just want to stomp by the end of it and huff and puff off to bed. But you say it so well. At the end of the day, when you remember how blessed you are it puts it all into perspective. x

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