day nine – the yellow bug


I’m grateful that when Austin had his first car crash, he wasn’t hurt, that he wasn’t just a tad bit further out into the intersection so his friend Kris was safe and not injured too as his spot was front passenger, the side that got hit.  That Molly was also not hurt in the back seat, that Molly and Kris’s parents were understanding and knew it was just that… accident. I’m grateful that Motorcycle man and the first to be born are fixing as much as they can on their own.   That First born has been spending his own money on all the parts needed in order to get the yellow bug running again.  It’s nice that they are handy like that.  That they can spend time together making something broken come back to life.  I’m grateful.  It could have been worse but it wasn’t so bad.  It’s been one month now since the bug has not been on the streets but its future is getting brighter each day.








He doesn’t know but I took a piece of the paint, I made it to a heart and put it with my collection of little bitsIMG_6583Break time, a little tea before work, then hoping all the dirt washes off nice before he serves people their burgers and fries

6 thoughts on “day nine – the yellow bug

  1. And when The Yellow Bug is up and running again, it will even be more special because father and son both worked on it! This is a lovely post and photos (as always). So glad that your first born and their friends didn’t sustain any major injuries. xx

  2. I love to see them working together on this. A great bond between father and son working on a project like this. Unfortunate that it came after an accident, but it will mean something to both of them doing this together. I love the bug and can’t wait to see it all together again in photos of fun times. 🙂 xo

  3. It’s so awesome that he thinks the car is worth it. That he’s taking ownership and fixing it. Lots of young people would just let it go. (or let Mom and Dad deal with it.) I’m happy for you and proud of your son!

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