day ten – freshly picked sea shells



IMG_6618I don’t believe anything is ever an accident.  It wasn’t an accident that I met 6ft Mama  for the very first time in real live person on April 10th, 2011 when our mutual and good friend Cristin  hosted a flickr meet up, an elegant breakfast and trip to the Rose Bowl Flea.  Prior to that I had seen her stream on flickr, admired her from afar.  When I first met her she lived in another state but since has moved here, right here to California not just California but Southern California and on a good day just about 30 minutes from me.  So Every now and again we meet up, we hang out and we laugh, we laugh lots and she has the two most adorable boys, I call them the E’s and every now and again we get the E’s together with my little A and just do the stuff we like to do… take pictures and twirl around in tutus and you know those sorts of things.  Today I’m thankful for Sara who drove from her part of town to my part of town just to mount that crazy artichoke.  Talk about personal amazing service!  She and the boys brought me freshly picked sea shells and sand dollars that still were wet from the ocean and smelt like salty sea.  Brace yourself, I’m about to share a handful of pictures of the sort of fun we have together.

   I first met her amongst this gorgeous group of gals at Cristin’s place

flickr meet up

I even let her drive my jeep with the top down along the coast this was the first time I met the E’s

6214341695_cf66d275d7_zWe like to get our super hero’s together, the ones our dear East Coast friend Debbie sent us


And we do projects together


We play at the beach a little


8473345143_fba67796b9_bWe text each other just to say hi


Us playing in the tutu’s with some of our friends 
8170775021_173d126674_z6ft mama with her two E’s and my two A’s 

IMG_2150We can relfect together

IMG_8193We thrift store together

IMG_8201She will stop by just for a quick jump6901915440_c2641bb01b

Whenever I see a VW Bus…..I think of her 


She let’s me shoot her in the white dress even….that’s a huge honorIMG_4502

She doesn’t even know it but the jar she brougt those shells in today…it will be a drinking cup 


11 thoughts on “day ten – freshly picked sea shells

  1. You gals are just so great. Love to see the 2 of you doing wonderful, fun, creative, inspirational things together. This really makes me happy to see and smile the whole way through. Keep it up. We all need people around us who make us feel this good. xo

  2. Beautiful photographs. Love them all. And I love your friendships, envy them too. This makes me miss my close female friends, some of whom are back home, and the others are scattered all over the globe. Glad to be friends with you too! xx

  3. This is so awesome and sweet! Your friendship adventures rock! Loved all the photos. Flickr was and is such an amazing place and brought so many of us together.

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