Acorn Squash…what do do with it?

photo (3)

My mom and sister went to a vegetarian cooking class with each other this weekend for my sister’s birthday.  They came over to visit yesterday.  I picked up my acorn squash from home delivery and asked my mom “mom what do I do with this?”  Funny I should ask!  They just learned a new recipe this weekend at Sur La Table for Acorn Squash and Goat Cheese Soufflé.  I share the recipe on the recipe tab but the process and the pictures are far better than the end result.


What do you do with acorn squash, since I did the crazy egg soufflé, my friend Bean suggested a really easy recipe that pretty  much just involves butter, salt, pepper and sausage.  In my house that would be more of a hit.

IMG_6639My helper grating the fresh parmesan cheese

IMG_6643The squash all baked and scraped out of the skin

IMG_6645the recipe said to butter and dust the bottom with the parmesan cheese, we did a slight bit more on the dusting

IMG_6649This is after the egg yellows have been introduced and the squash into the butter flour mixture

IMG_6652The egg white seem stiff enough

IMG_6655It made more than four cups worth, we filled six and had a little left over

IMG_6666Ta da!  finished product

Our friend Bean stopped by while she was out and about just to try it, she gave it a 8 of of 10 because the acorn squash wasn’t really to be tasted it was more like egg/cheese breakfast tasting, motorcycle man liked it also said it tasted like a breakfast item and Dylan gave it a hash tag groooosssss, just being honest he said.  I thought it was…okay. I will most likely not make it again because it’s super involved with so many steps and not yummy enough for me.

photo (4)

The true workspace


IMG_6664it’s on timer, ignore the out of focus part, the moment speaks for itself even out of focus.

12 thoughts on “Acorn Squash…what do do with it?

  1. I love acorn squash! Next time you get them, super simple- Cut them in half, take out the seeds, and and put them ( I like to have 4 halves) in a 13×9 baker cut side down in about quarter inch water or veg broth- 350 degrees about an hour. Then, the fun part! Flip them over, put a little pat of butter or margarine, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar all in it, and a little salt too- Also put in some raisins and walnuts ( or other fave nut or seed) Put them back in the oven under broiler for about 2-3 minutes or until butter melts and sugar gets goldeny.
    It’s my favorite, and yummy alongside pilaf and chicken.
    I’ve stuffed them with veggies before too, we love them so much.


  2. I am so going to try this one. If I can find an acorn squash?? 🙂 Love your pics, the story that goes along with it and of course the last pic of the 2 of you. Gorgeous. xo

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