day sixteen

photo (4)

Thankful for beautiful views, sunshine, ocean breezes and living in California.  I know we don’t have much of a true fall or white winters and I often find myself with envy to the East Coast and middle America for their colorful falls and real winters however if I keep spending my time wishing I had their seasons, I would be missing out on my own,  where I am right NOW.  So today I’m thankful for where I was placed, where I was born.  I don’t know much else but this.  I’m a California grown girl, I shouldn’t take it for granted.




2 thoughts on “day sixteen

  1. This is a great exercise to help us appreciate what we have, the here & now. I love seeing your corner of our globe, as much as I like sharing mine. California is on my bucket list. Until I make it there I will take pleasure in seeing it through your eyes. All your photos today are great, but my favourite is the last one with the red door. I love the welcoming feel … As well as the wonderful perspective. Thank you for sharing 😃. Connie

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