day eighteen

me ausThis guy (up there)  the first to be born took his mama to coffee last night, he opened the door for me, he paid for our drinks and we sat outside and just talked.  Since he is a working guy and only has one day off a week, I rarely see him.  He seems to be home when we are not and when we are home, he often is not.  Last night just after he gave me that big hug and kiss, he asked if we could go grab a cup of coffee.  I would never be able to say no to that, even if I had a thousand things to do.  I would push those things aside and take him up on his offer.  I think my favorite part was when he said “I’ll never get tired of hanging out with you, it may be less and less but I’ll never get tired of it” Then he asked if I would be there for the grand opening of his bakery, and explained it like this “when I open my bakery and I’m doing what I love with the one I love, will you be there for the grand opening?”  Same applies, I could have a thousand things to do on that day but not any of them would be as important as that opening, even if I have to fly to get there.  Grateful for coffee with Aus and I can say the same for him, “I will never, ever get tired of hanging out with him”

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