day nineteen itinerary….not such a bad word after all

photo 2Yesterday when I got home from work there was a postcard in my mail box.  A post card from Canada from someone who is called fishgirl and fishgirl (yes all one word) wrote some nice words all the way from Canada and I was completely excited about the front of the postcard because it was an ITINERARY and although I’m not a believer in itinerary’s I did think the list of things to do was kind of fun.  So I did them.  All 6 things.  It was time for me, it felt a little strange because I was not alone, people were all around me, more people than I expected for 2:25 on a Monday afternoon.  This would be my own issue of insecurity, I should practice this sort of thing more often so I’m not distracted by the people around me and thinking to myself what they may be wondering if at all wondering what I’m up to?  I think things like “they probably think I’m strange”  or “what on earth is that grown woman hiding under that bridge” You know things like that, when really they may not even notice at all what I’m up to and truly probably do not since most people in the suburbs avoid any eye contact or interaction with real humans.  Not all, but a majority of people just keep on trucking without any real people contact. I’m even guilty of this. I get in a rush so much of the time.  When I have visited the middle of the U.S. I’m normally taken back by the friendliness, people waving at complete strangers for no reason, the smiles on their faces, their slower pace of not seeming to be in a hurry.  Around here you are so lucky if someone actually holds a door open for you.  Knowing this I do try to be aware and when smiles are exchanged on those rare occasions it’s like a treat, a real big treat.

The itinerary was of course documented with my iPhone.  Pretty much all of it.  I even took a video of a leaf falling.  But I’m only sharing the images here in this post.   I don’t waste any time.  I was given a mission and thankfully I was able to complete this mission in-between getting home from work and picking up the only girl.

Number one:  Go to the closest park.  How about the second closest park.  That’s what I did.

photo 4

Number two:  spend 10 minutes looking at the sky, what do you see?

photo 3Of course I “think I see a heart”

photo 2Clouds

photo 4I showed this one to Abbie, she said she sees an angel

photo 1More clouds, I saw some birds too, and some leaves gently fall to the ground

Number three: Document yourself standing under the tree

photo 1

photo 5

Number four:  Arrange something you find into a circle

photo 2

photo 3

Number five:  List the number of people you see

I saw 46 people and a handful of dogs

Number six: Leave something in a secret location

photo 1since I didn’t plan ahead I found this in the glove box of my car

photo 5by the time I came back this way, it had already fallen from the hook and on to the ground.  I left it there

Turns out the post card was made by one Keri Smith who makes those wreck this journal books!

12 thoughts on “day nineteen itinerary….not such a bad word after all

    1. I looked up Keri Smith postcards and found she sells a booklet of them, various places on line. Just Google Keri Smith postcards “everything is connected”. I want some too!! Even Walmart popped up as a place these could be purchased.

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