How about rainbows

photo (12)

You know what’s awesome?  When your day is pretty good, for the most part.  You go to work after having sort of a rough night with the last to be born and only girl so you sit up with the girl as she feels sort of yucky and watch an episode of Dr. Phil until around 2:30 then go on back to bed.  It’s nice because it’s gloomy when you wake up and that’s always a good sign and I’m not being sarcastic. And when I say you…I really mean ME.  Gray days are good days and Gray days always have the possibility of making rainbows.  Once I got home from work I meandered next door and enjoyed some really great chocolate mint tea and some good conversation and lots of laughs and that’s always good too right?  Then it was time to pick up the soccer player and again it began to slightly, every so slightly drizzle as the golden sun began to shine towards the tall trees and as me and soccer player rounded the corner after going crazy about the golden light, we saw this rainbow, like the entire thing, from start to finish and I raced home because I just had to see it up higher.  I ran towards  the house, up and out first borns bedroom window and onto the roof where I was able to take the pink hugh of a rainbow in, a slight double rainbow if you looked real close.  And while I was admiring the rainbow I got a phone call from motorcycle man and I answered “I’m looking at the rainbow right now”  and he laughed because that’s exactly what he was calling me about and he said “I’ll be right there”  and while I was still on the roof my phone rang again and it was mama bear and I answered “rainbow” and she laughed and said “yes, where are you?” and I said on my roof and she was smiling as she talked I could tell, and she said “it’s so beautiful, have you ever seen a pink colored rainbow?  I’m almost crying” and lastly “be careful and I love you”  Nothing feels better when you KNOW the phone calls you are receiving are for exactly what’s happening right that moment that those people also appreciate and love and admire the very same things you do and we share in it together.  We are connected and being connected feels so nice.  Finally soccer player makes his way to the roof, then motorcycle man pulls into the driveway and he also makes his way to the roof and together the three of us who were home stood on the roof and admired the sunset to one side and the rainbow to the other.  We wished that everyone we loved could be right there on the roof with us.  And since you could not, we will show you some of what we saw and although our iPhones are good they are not nearly as good as the eyes that God gave us to see and take it all in and of course I can’t see a rainbow without thinking of God’s promises.

photo (4)

Rainbow to one side, do you see what we mean about the pink rainbow? and looking close you can see the shadow of the second bow.

photo (4) copyAnd to the other side of us the sunset

photo (9)I’m lucky I can wear Abbie’s shoes too, I borrowed her purple tennis shoes today

photo (10)Yes, on purpose, I like  it this way exactly, it’s hard to not focus on an iphone too, it is.

photo (11)It was “icy” cold for us California folks.  Soccer player was really cold in his shorts.

4 thoughts on “How about rainbows

  1. How extremely cool is that. Firstly, I love the colours in your sky. I mean WOW! And secondly, how cool is it that your family were looking at exactly the same thing at the same time, but were not in the same place. That really is a great connection. Lucky you!

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