December FIRST

IMG_6840This month I have decided to have fun with my blogger friend Laura “Big House, Little Prairie”  She has posted a picture prompt a day for the month of December. Click on the link I added here if you too want to join us.  Today, December 1st is (nourish)  and it couldn’t be a more perfect word for today because I have also decided to join my blogger friend Michelle as we begin a journey of intention for 7.  This just means for seven days straight I will pick just one intention to focus on.  I have decided that although my personality wants to pick at least one dozen things to focus on, I will only choose one.  This is going to sound silly for  a good handful of you but my one intention is to just eat breakfast every day.  After so much thought about what I might do for seven days in a row, it came down to eating breakfast.  I have tried this many different times always to return to my old ways.  My old ways include not eating breakfast and just drinking a few cups of coffee.  This isn’t very good for me because since I work part-time I don’t take a lunch.  This means I will often just function on coffee until I get home from work and then I may have my first meal at around 2 in the afternoon.  I’m completely abusing my body.  I hold extra weight and I have higher chances to get heart disease or diabetes.  All because I skip the most important meal of the day.  Again one of those things I KNOW isn’t right, yet I continue with this bad habit.  I have started early.  The past three mornings I have had a fairly good breakfast.

6 thoughts on “December FIRST

  1. Good on your missy moo. I love the journey of intention idea. What a great thing to focus on one important thing when our brains try to focus on so many at one time. You go girl. 🙂

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