This weekend


We had a wonderful thanksgiving.  I didn’t take too many pictures.  Having trouble with my camera but while cleaning this weekend I found another flash card and it’s doing better with recognizing files as I upload them to my computer but still having some difficultly recognizing all of them.  So this long weekend some really nice things happened.

IMG_6798We got a little rain

IMG_6808Which got us in the baking mood

IMG_6831We got down our Christmas decorations all before December 1st even!

IMG_6835We spent more time in our pajama’s than usual

IMG_6823We sat with family & made these neat paper snowflakes. I still say the best part was the conversations had.

IMG_6804But the best news of all!  God’s perfect timing.  December is a stressful time for us financially.  We are not savers and we KNOW each December and each April we have property taxes due.  I had looked ahead to December last month and it was going to be all sorts of tight.  We had filed a tax amendment in June for more money we were due back from the state.  It arrived this weekend,  just in time for Los Angeles County property taxes.  We have the money to pay our taxes and even a little left over.  All I have to say is this.  God is good.  

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