Day one of intention and day two on the Prairie is GREEN


As I mentioned yesterday I’m living these next seven days with one intent and that one simple intent is to have breakfast before I leave for work.  Today was officially day one.  I wish I could say I specifically carved out special time to prepare a really amazing and balanced breakfast and intentionally sit still at a table and eat it.  After a sleepless night and cranky girl on top of sleepless night, I woke up just a bit later than I should have, which so happened to mean, the two school aged kids also woke up later than usual.  But I knew even if it meant tying my shoes in the car, or leaving without mascara that breakfast would be had.  So I got an instant package of oatmeal, added water, heated it up and added fresh raspberries so it seemed slightly more balanced.  The above photo is my first official day of breakfast.  The coffee was horrible.  Having trouble with the machine again, so that was tossed into the sink.  I ate standing and in-between unloading the dishwasher, and pulling on clothes.  I didn’t sit down once.  We were running so late this morning that the school traffic was horrible, just horrible.  Dylan barely made it to check in for soccer and I was on the later end dropping Abbie off which meant more traffic, which also means more people are late birds than early ones. Sigh….my first day of with intent was stressful but Michelle takes the pressure off by even knowing ahead of time that our sleep may have been terrible or some distraction may just slip in while we are trying to do something with such purpose.  She was so right.  And you know what? it’s so okay.  I ate breakfast and that’s a big deal AND even in my rush of course I took time to take a picture.  I don’t like how I didn’t scrap the sides of the bowl to look a little cleaner but then again, this is how the breakfast really looked…..not perfect.

HOWEVER in the rush and crankiness of the morning, I did notice the fleeting shadow of the snowflakes on the kitchen cupboards.  It made me smile and my camera was near so I took a photo of the shadow that made me smile.  It was only there for a moment, shadows are known to only stay for mere seconds and literally can be missed by turning away for just a smidge.

IMG_6844Not only am I living with great intent for seven days in a row this week, I’m also joining Laura in her 31 days in December where she will give a prompt and anyone who wants to join in can share a picture.  Today the word was green.  She shared a really great and cool image of a guitar. When I got home from running around after work, I walked into my very own backyard and looked for something green.  These are a few things I spotted.  I know, I know just one thing but I couldn’t help myself.  There were a few pretty green things that God left out for me.


This was my favorite.  My garden is bare for the most part, has some cat poop piles (those darn cats) and a few weeds but mostly it’s sparce.  I spoted this.  It looks imprtant. It doesn’t look like a weed.  It looks like a seed took root and is breaking through the soil.  I have no idea what it could be but I liked the courage it showed.

IMG_6856A green sled in a pile of rubbish on the side of the house.  That bit of green just standing out all bold and proud, like look at me!  I’m still so green and maybe just maybe you may remember me if you travel to the snow this winter.

IMG_6853And finally this green tree.  The kind of trees that are planted by the birds.  We dont’ plant these but I sure love their delicate leaves.

9 thoughts on “Day one of intention and day two on the Prairie is GREEN

    1. I love how all my friends can appreciate that sprout. Breakfast isn’t so easy but can you imagine making that a habit? It would be such a good habit to keep. My little girl has been following my footsteps and skipping breakfast too. So I’m also helping her with it. She hates breakfast food so I need to think of something she may eat. Doesn’t have to be traditional.

  1. I absolutely LOVE your images. You make me want to pick up a camera, a hobby I wish I had more time for. Waking up late sucks! I’m constantly trying to break a lifetime habit of hitting the snooze button too many times. 🙂

  2. I never ate breakfast for years & years. I knew it was healthier…so, in the past few years, I eat breakfast and really feel better for it. Good job you!

    I love your last ‘green’ photo – it’s my favourite.

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