intention day 2 – gather day 3


Today on the 3rd day of December the word is gather.  I talked about gather with last to be born and only girl as we drove to school today.  We had the exact first two thoughts. The first was a gathering of people, the second was the gathering of leafs.  But today I decided to gather the cranberries that Farm Fresh to You delivered with our fruit and veggie delivery last Tuesday.  I wanted her to hold them in the shape of a heart not just because we LOVE hearts around here but because they are also a great for your health.  I ate one plain when I took this picture and it was better than I expected. I have eaten them before but never alone, always in cranberry sauce,  juice or in a smoothie.    As I look at this image I see little dirty hands and finger nails that need to be cleaned.  I saw the same thing through the view finder, I could have made her clean her nails and wash her hands, my choice was to take the picture as the moment was real.  This happens to little girls sometimes, yes even little girl hands get dirty.

This morning was better.  I didn’t get up as early as I would have liked.  But this morning was better, just ever so slightly a little more smooth.  I had decided no matter what, I would sit to eat.  I made eggs, a slice of toast and the rest of the raspberries.  Motorcycle Man made my morning coffee as its part of his practice and it was good today, he even added whipped cream on top, even better.  However I was still a little frantic even used a cuss word.  Deep breath, cause that’s what I felt I needed.  I set up my breakfast, took one bite of the toast before I took a picture.  Today’s picture is from my iPhone since it was the tool most near. Day two, I ate breakfast and I sat.  I was still feeling rushed, tired and cranky.  I’m not a morning person by nature.  The kids they all did better and today we left on time so there was no traffic, not like yesterday.  This morning was good.

day two intention

I hope your third day of December is going well.  That you will take just a little time to relax to find a miracle in your day, they are all around us.  Maybe you will find a heart in your day in the most unexpected place.

11 thoughts on “intention day 2 – gather day 3

  1. Oh Tracie. I’m always rushed and cranky in the morning. Even when I try my best not to be. 😐 Glad you took that deep breath and even let ‘that’ word out. It happens. I let out many. I love your girls hands and the heart. It’s beautiful. Take it easy chickadee.
    Oh, PS, your page is snowing. How cute!

  2. Hi there, lovely stranger. I am finally checking up on your blog. The 7-Days of Intention has me up at 2am (now) so I can catch up. December is always catching up while everyone sleeps. When else? right?
    I’m happy for your breakfast eating. It’s hard, but definitely good. Keep it up. Your berries look delicious. And dirty hands on a child are the best kind of hands.

    1. lol, T. You didn’t miss the make over, I have not “had the time” to make myself over. I’m thinking sometime after the first of the year and now I’m almost finished with the seasons available of Mad Men on Netflix. The first day of intention I was just like you, up at 2 in the morning writing in my journal. Thanks for stopping by. I have been thinking of you especially more since the intention started. What is your intent?

  3. I love your cranberry heart…great photo! And I love that you kept it real with the fingernails, it makes the image relatable. Perfect nails would have seemed a bit sterile. (I’m inspecting my own nails now.) 🙂

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