day three intent day four rise


Today the word is rise.  My very first thought was getting out of bed, my very second thought was bread dough rising.  Then My third thought is the image you have here.  I thought it would be fun though to show you how I got this image.  I use my timer.  I have no remote, repeat NO REMOTE so this is how it goes.  I made a little mosaic of every single try before I got the shot that I’m calling okay.  My camera will not even accommodate a wireless remote because it’s that old as far as dslr’s go.  I would need a wire and may sound silly, but I would rather set it up and run to my spot than use a clunky wire.  I literally tried one dozen times until I got it.  BTW bugs the heck out of me that one image in this mosaic is completely a different ISO. (sounding slightly ungrateful aren’t I?)

rise mosaic

This morning was so much better than days one and two.  Because firstly, I’m into using that term now that Dean from England explains that little T uses this way of talking….anyway besides the point so again FIRSTLY I got up 15 minutes earlier than normal.  Motorcycle man was like “what are you doing up?”  even so, the coffee was ready to go.  He is quick.  Then he laughed because within 15 seconds or so he says “you already have your camera out”  I pulled out  chair and took this picture first……….

IMG_6862Taken out of focus to get that gorgeous, colorful bokeh.  The photo enthusiasts call it that.  Then I took this one………..

IMG_6864I like the blurry one better but then again I know what it’s supposed to be.  Then I looked out the window and saw little yellow bug parked at the curb in front of our house and I smiled because it was truly a gift, and something to be grateful for, Oldest boy was home safe and sound and the car is up and running again and all fixed up from the big crash three months ago.


And then it was time to eat.  I just poured some Lucky Charms and took a picture by the window because it’s still far too dark to take it at the dining table or kitchen counter.  And below there, that’s my fancy breakfast.

IMG_6871grateful for another morning, three kids safe and sound and a loving guy who makes me coffee in the morning.  How was your day today?

6 thoughts on “day three intent day four rise

  1. So great that you shared the collage of all your attempts to rise. 🙂 And that one different ISO pic would annoy the ***** out of me too. Wonderful things to be thankful for right there missy moo. Your morning looked lovely. You know I’m a bokeh nut! LOVE IT!

    1. totally right! I’m freaking out. I’m not sure why it took so different. I had it on auto/timer so what the heck?? I should have made it into black and white and maybe, must maybe it could have been more acceptable. Of course you get it though.

  2. You and T are so best-friends now! 🙂 Firstly, love the photos as usual. Secondly (oh there’s a “y” already. Haha) Love the way the snow falls on your photos, especially the dark ones 😉

  3. I love seeing all the ‘behind the scenes’ shot of your December Capture! It’s funny, I’ve had readers email or comment saying “Oh you look perfect / this looks perfect / what a perfect shot, etc”. Whenever I read these, I laugh to myself thinking of the 33 shots I had to take to get that ONE shot. So glad I’m not alone in this 🙂

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