day five love and intent


Today the word is love.  It’s my most favorite word in all the world.  In fact it was my theme word for this past year.  But when it comes to taking just one image that represents love.  That’s not easy.  I have been sharing my thought process on the word for the day.  So here we go.   Firstly my thought was Rich and I holding hands…I mean motorcycle man, that’s what I really mean.  Secondly my last to be born and only girl says, “you should have saved the cranberries in my hand in the shape of a heart for today.”

I wear this necklace every single day and for years it has three charms on it.  None of which are supposed to go together.  I wear a round circle with all three my kid’s names on it, then the word love dangles in the middle of that circle and a peace sign sort of hangs above that.  I sent an image of my necklace about three years ago to a friend of mine when we were sharing daily moments and she said this “I love how your children are wrapped in peace and love” I had never thought of it that way.  As simple as it might be.  Love today is shared in the form of a necklace that I wear all the time.

This morning I had a bagel with olive humus. Pictured below in the window again where the light is best.


Then we all got all googlies over Simon who was peeking his head out at the stair banister this morning. The morning sun was shining all bright making crazy shadows all over the place so Rich was making shadow designs on the wall and on the cats face.  And Simon he is the “weird” one and very socially strange compared to his brother Garfunkel.  This means when he actually makes an appearance and acts all cute we are all over it.  He is physically cuter than Gar but socially he is a mess.  I mean this in the most literal way too, his butt is always dirty.  He doesn’t seem to know how to clean it and both do not bury their poo although they “act” like they do….go through all the scratching motions but they scratch in random weird places and just leave it all exposed  and stuff.  As we are having a Simon photo shoot, shadow show, Dylan comes down stairs completely disgusted and disturbed.  “My room smells gross, sick, like the cat crapped in there.”  ***sigh*** “let me finish my bagel first before I clean up the crap.”  Sure enough under his bedside table, a medium swirl of poo.  That was a slice of my morning but I did eat breakfast.

IMG_6899oh yeah! and lastly….we had a fire this morning.  Don’t laugh, for California in the 50’s is COLD.


6 thoughts on “day five love and intent

  1. I am literally drooling here at work right now because of that bagel picture. I’m a complete hummus addict! So, so good 🙂 I’ve never tried olive hummus before though. I usually do garlic or roasted red pepper, but now I’m intrigued!

    PS – I absolutely adore the shot of your cat in the morning light. Whenever I’m leaving for work in the morning when the sun is just beginning to peek through the shades, I can’t help but notice how lovely the light plays on my cats who follow me from room to room. Such a warm feeling 🙂

  2. Thank you my friend. So funny you liked the picture of my bagel. I talked to my mama on the phone yesterday and she said my bagel looked gross, she couldn’t figure out what I had on top of it until she read it. It was good. I get that humus at Trader Joes and I’m an olive fan so I like the olive taste in it.

  3. Love. It’s one of my favourites too. And I always love how you find it everywhere and express is so beautifully. I’m so glad you are my friend. You make me think about these things more. Love you missy. xo

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