day six cold and still living with great intent

photo (4)When I read the prompt was cold I sort of “froze” up in my thoughts!  Being here from California I thought, well, I can’t go make a snow angel or even a snowman, cause I think those two things would make a good cold picture. It’s not even raining here.  Although might be expecting a little rain by tomorrow.  I even made a general announcement this morning.  The word today is COLD!  I thought about it throughout the day.  Then it hit me.  How about ice cream.  It would be a treat and it would be cold.  It was so good.  So very good.  I was alone too.  Littlest and only girl was dropped off to practice Christmas carols and Soccer player, was, well….playing soccer and the oldest goes really without saying, was GONE.  This meant I just got to go enjoy a scope of ice-cream all by myself.  I sat in the grass outside 31 flavors and enjoyed a seasonal scope of chocolate peppermint.  YUM.

This morning is day 5 in living with one intention.  Sister Sarah texted me a picture of her breakfast yesterday, since I have been sharing, she also wanted to share with me what she was eating.  Her breakfast looked so good.  She had a slice of toast with mashed up avocado only she mixed a spoon full of sour cream and minced up some onion, told me it was Nana’s recipe.  However it looked so good that I bought a ripe avocado and mashed it up on the most yummy bread from Trader Joe’s, their Tuscan bread.  I only used avocado, salt and pepper and it really hit the spot.  Mom, this probably won’t look very appetizing either, considering it’s green and mushy.

IMG_6916And as my morning went on and I enjoyed a cup of coffee that motorcycle man made me.  I got to thinking.  I’m slightly spoiled.  He gets up before anyone and he makes a fire, he turns on the heater and makes the coffee.  That makes it easier for me to actually get out of bed.  I’m grateful for that.  We sort of switched spots.  At the beginning of our marriage this person was me and especially when we had babies and I was breast-feeding early in the morning.  However now, it’s him. I think it’s a great trade-off.


Wishing you all a happy weekend.  Not sure if I will be posting over the weekend.  That’s usually not easy for me however I will for sure be still practicing my intention and also taking my photo prompt a day.

9 thoughts on “day six cold and still living with great intent

  1. ha. Craig and I swapped early morning duties too. And now he makes my coffee every morning. It makes me feel special every day. I sure would like a bit of California cold 🙂

  2. Great capture, Tracie! My husband does the same. Plug in bathroom heater, restart wood stove, make huge pot of coffee. I’m guessing it is mostly self preservation on his part because I am sooo not a morning person. It should be a rule that no one talks to me until at least 9am, lol! 😉

  3. I love your ice cream photo and that you went and had the ice cream by yourself. I would never think to do that. 🙂 (I’m boring!) And love that your hubby does this for you. My hubby does the same. He started years and years ago. Strangely enough he watched a Dr. Phil episode which said something about doing the little things for your partner. The big grand gestures may be great but aren’t always necessary. The everyday little things that may sometimes go unnoticed are sometimes the best. I love these little things. xo

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