This weekend I stuck to the plan.  I had one word each day to focus on and take a picture of something to do with that one word.  Saturday the prompt was starts with .S.  and since all day Soccer player had a tournament, rain or shine.  It was easy.  Soccer became the word I focused on for S.   After his last game of the day I took a picture of his muddy cleats.  The first game it rained entirely the whole time, the second game it was just a big mud pit.  The first game they won 5 to 1, the last game they lost 3 to 2:(  Dylan’s job is keeper and it’s a trough job.  He is a brave guy.  Sometimes it’s hard to watch him because I get all nervous and frantic but he seems to handle pressure well.  He must get that from motorcycle man because it’s for sure not one of my strong points.

soccerI also was able to eat my breakfast Saturday which was also part of my seven-day intent plan.  In our intention journal each day we are to come up with three words.  I would say my three words for Saturday would be [busy, wet, cozy]  below is my breakfast from Saturday.  It was simple but it was breakfast.

IMG_6925in-between soccer tournament, motorcycle man and Oldest boy worked on the VW speakers.  The car has been running but the tunes have only been cranking out of one speaker.  They got that under control.  Now poor boy just needs a working heater.  In the meantime he bundles up.  I was also able to take pictures for family who wanted a special Christmas card this year.  I would share it here but that’s up to them to do.  I will just say, it was adorable because they are adorable and they also used the yellow bug for the photo and it turned out so super cute.  Again it helped that the props were awesome and the people were beautiful.

IMG_6932Sunday we slept in a little and I ate a quick bowl of cereal before church.  My seventh day with living with just one intent a day, the same intent for each day so the goal was not so outrageous.  Normally I’m the type who likes to pick at least a dozen goals and try my best to do all of it and when I don’t succeed in some of it, then I quit.  Picking just one thing wasn’t easy but it was important and because I picked just one thing, I was able to not feel too much pressure and also I accomplished my goal.  I also think I can continue with this intent.  It’s a simple one but so important to fuel our bodies each morning.  Below is my breakfast from today.

sun breakOur photo prompt for today was [a cuppa] at around 4 p.m. I had a nice cup of coffee and some cheesecake.  All this after cleaning and doing laundry this afternoon.  I’m excited to attend a holiday tea tonight and see some old friends.  This weekend was really a nice weekend.  I guess I’m ready for Monday.  cuppa

3 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Wonderful – Looks like you have done REALLY well with your ‘intentions’. Good job on breakfast too! xoxo

    BTW – do we (your faithful followers) get to see the Christmas card too?

    Hugs xoxo

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