I’m not sure how it’s possible but I’m cold at 61 degrees.  I just know so many others are mocking me right now as I’m tempted to start a fire here in the middle of the day just to cozy the place up.  But it’s true, I’m freezing today and when I’m cold I don’t feel like doing much of anything besides warming up.  And wouldn’t you know, today’s photo word is WARM.  So I took my iPhone outside and took a few shots, depending on how you hold the camera towards the sun you can pick up some natural flare without using apps or filters and today, that’s what happened. I did put a filter on it after all through picmonkey this is a free photo edit site since I don’t have Photoshop or other really great programs to add words, labels or filters to images.  The flare part is a natural catch of light but I added a golden color slightly and a little texture.


This is the Christmas card photo I took this weekend.  My blogger buddy  Connie showed some interest so I figure why not, my niece shared it on IG so it must not be that big of a secret.  In between soccer games and rain we fit in a photo shoot.  The rain let up just enough to drive to a local park with oldest boy’s bug as a really, super cool prop, thank goodness it’s fixed and runs now and the wreath from my very own front door.  Does the man in the image look familiar in any way? Do you see any resemblance to motorcycle man? That’s motorcycle man’s younger brother.  They are 14 months apart and almost, almost qualify to be Irish twins but missed it by a couple of months!  He has a gorgeous family of girls and Jenn found a darling idea in a Martha Stewart magazine where a small car was used in a family Christmas portrait.  This is our interpretation of it.

west adventure

13 thoughts on “warm(th)

    1. Thank you. Today is red and I’m excited about that. I have lots of red things. It will be hard to narrow it down. In fact today my shoes are red and my t-shirt is red and also has the word red on it! It’s been so fun joining you this month.

  1. 29 degrees right now in New York
    Snowed last night
    And my brother who lives in Topanga
    said he woke to 21⛄️

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