Today’s word prompt is red.  You can’t expect someone like me who likes the color red just a tiny bit much to just post one red picture!  I just couldn’t do it.  So what I did do was make a mosaic of red things I have taken pictures of.  But before that I will share a few on their own and explain a little about them.

IMG_5443Debbie who lives on the other side of the United States of American sent me this little red guy.  I have had him for what feels like sometime now.  I call him little red and he travels with me from time to time and I take his pictures here or there. Sort of like a little mascot of mine.

IMG_6995 These are my red shoes that I found at Goodwill about this time last year to be exact.  I had been searching for a nice pair of red shoes for weeks but I never want to spend too much on things.  So when I found these shoes for I think around 6 bucks, I couldn’t pass them up.  Motorcycle man wrote on my foot today.  I thought it was pretty sweet.

photo (9)

Today I wore my (red) t shirt


Littlest girls sparkle shoes


A lady named Judy gave this rock to me.  I have never met her, I have never spoke to her, I don’t know what she looks like.  I just know she carries a bag like mine and because of that she gave this rock to my friend Lilly to give to me.  I hope some day to meet Judy, I want to give her a hug. Lilly meets lots of really neat people doing what she does at Share and Do Good.   And the red in the background there, that’s my front door.  It’s red too.

IMG_9985Getting red presents wrapped in hearts just because is pretty awesome.

IMG_6326I even put red sweaters on Pablored

7 thoughts on “(red)

  1. I love the colour red too! I especially love taking photos of red doors or dreary landscapes with something red in it. I love contrast. You’ve just inspired me to do a red post too, now if only I don’t get distracted and not forget to post it! xx

    1. Oh yes, red against a dreary day is so pretty. We painted our door red last year and I don’t regret doing it one bit, wish we would have done it sooner. I read that a red door means the person who lives there is welcoming, like “please come visit me” I like that.

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