I’m not like a city slicker or anything, more like a suburban kind of gal….just outside the big city and far away from the country.  [Suburb:   the residential area on the outskirts of a city or large town]  Today’s word was nature.  Hummmmm, what should I do?  Of course we have tree’s and grass, I have a front yard and back yard, a tiny rose garden and a shut down for the winter back garden but I always take pictures of the things in my yard.  Today I wanted to actually travel to a place I could take in some nature.  Nature the way I get to see it and so the pictures below show you what I saw today. I took the only and littlest girl with me.  She had been feeling under the weather and we both thought some fresh air would do her some good.  I took LOTS of pictures and while doing so I took in the sounds and smells around me, even the feeling around me.  I heard water rushing, wind rustling leaves and crunching leaves beneath my feet, I smelt sweet tobacco and fresh grass.  I hope you enjoy the pictures below, there are lots but it felt so incredible to really pay attention to my kind of nature.  Abbie walked ahead and behind me taking her own pictures with my iPhone.  The very last image in this collection is one she took of her shadow.  I love it.  It also shows my wide end taking pictures behind her.  Not my best side but you can get an idea of the positions I get into, by the time we left my pant legs were nice and dirty just as they should be at the end of a nature photo walk.

IMG_7019 IMG_7022 IMG_7024 IMG_7025 IMG_7027 IMG_7029 IMG_7030 IMG_7031 IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7045 IMG_7053 IMG_7062 IMG_7065 IMG_7072 IMG_7077 IMG_7078 IMG_7083 IMG_7087 IMG_7089 IMG_7090 IMG_7092 IMG_7095 IMG_7098 IMG_7100 IMG_7101 IMG_7103 IMG_7106 IMG_7109 IMG_7111 photo (9) copy

8 thoughts on “nature

  1. oh, t, this is so lovely. connecting with nature is such a gift. and i love this little adventure with abbie. soaking it all in – sucking in the FRESH AIR – together and capturing it beautifully. love.

  2. Looking at all these beautiful pictures, I think you should do a how to post on aperture and such! You are so talented in photography and it looks like you’ve mastered all the stuff the confuses the rest of us: ISO, aperture, etc.

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