Yesterday’s December word was tree or trees.  The sun was beginning to set and I realized I had not taken a picture of a tree or trees and I stepped into our backyard and decided to take a picture of the three trees for the three children.   This is when I noticed the boys trees leaves had changed to yellow and Abbie’s purple heart tree was nearly just twigs.  I dont’ know much about trees.  I picked Abbie’s because it was purple-red and the leaves were the shape of a heart.  I picked th boys trees because the wind blew through the leaves and they danced in a peaceful and delicate way.  I didn’t research them or find out if they have seasons.  I just picked them because I thought they were pretty.  Now I know they have seasons and I can’t wait for spring to show me what they will do then.  Below are two shots each of each childs trees.

Abbie1Here is Abbie’s tree, with only a few heart leaves hanging on

abbie2do you see the chubby sweet heart-shaped leaf?

austin1This is Austin’s tree, his leaves somehow are smaller than Dylan’s leaves but there are many


I found a few green leaves, either left from summer or beginning for spring…not completley sure which?


This is the top of Dylan’s tree and his leaves are wider and bigger a little more bold

IMG_7158This is what Dylan’s tree looks like when I lay on the ground, underneath and shot up

The last thing that happend while I was in the backyard shooting trees, I found a heart made from fluffy pipe cleaner.  My sister had been over the day before, I can only imagine she made it for me to find.  That’s what I want to think anyway.


2 thoughts on “tree(s)

  1. Tracie, I just hung your star on my tree and I’m burrowing through boxes to find the JOY bird. I love you. I do.

    Pam oxoxoxoxox

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