trips to the moon

Last month on the second Friday of the month I met up with the Moon gang and we had such a great time together that we declared we must meet the second Friday of every single month.  This past Friday the 13th was our second “meeting” or really I should call it adventure.  We loaded up in Moon Mama’s little red car and headed to some thrift stores because you see, this is what the Moon people like to do, roam through old stuff trying to find treasures.  And treasures were found, oh yes indeed.  Moon Daisy found two dinner trays with Holly Hobbie (does anyone remember her?)  I found a similar tray here on etsy for 15.50, Moon Daisy bought one tray and I bought the other, only our trays were more darling than the one pictured here on Etsy. I paid 3.99 for it and the original K-mart sticker and plastic were still on the tray and originally sold for 1.50!  One of the two trays had a big dent in it.  I bought the one with the dent and Moon Mama was sure her handy husband could pound that dint right out.  Turns out I don’t have to worry about the dent cause Moon Daisy switched her tray out for mine and now she has a tray to fix.  Oh my heart, just so sweet right? I’m giving my tray to a really great friend of mine Miss Sun Daisy Anything Holly Hobbie goes to her since it’s from our childhood memories.  But to be honest, I sort of want to keep it.

Enjoy a few pictures from our adventure care of my iphone.

old stuffI thought that t.v. was pretty fantastic

pendletonI considered this shirt for my oldest

hipoMiss Moonspiner collects Hippo’s but I found this a little distrubing

vintage platesSet of four for 3.99 later found on Ebay for 29.95 (thrilled with the find)

coffee heartsMoon Daisy treated us all to yummy coffee from Kean I adored the hearts given out

rippedOh almost forgot, we were quite taken by the ripped mannequin at Goodwill

AND already have the next trip on the books

trips to the moon

And I leave you all with some sunshine  and sweetness


7 thoughts on “trips to the moon

  1. Oh I so love this. I could do this with you every day of the week!! I love poking around garage sales over here. My husband doesn’t like it because I usually spend more than I should, but I LOOOOOOOVE it. 🙂 So many cool things and I have to agree the hippo is a little ummm… odd!

  2. I need thrifting friends like yours!! One of my favorite things to do is wander amongst old, forgotten things wondering about their previous lives. Even better when I can bring something home! 😉

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