in my kitchen

IMG_7209In my kitchen.  A bowl that I bought 11 or so years ago in Weaverville,CA at this really cool spot Olson Stoneware.  I remember its been that long because I was pregnant with littlest and only girl.  At the time I remember thinking it was sort of pricey but there are some things that I believe are worth spending money on.  This is one of them, first because it’s hand-made and unique, sort of like all of us.  And it’s just plain gorgeous.  I don’t think you can tell from the photo it’s scale but it’s a good size.  I keep it out my kitchen counter full-time.  I call it my bread bowl.  We put our bread in it, sometimes as many as three loaves at a time.  I don’t have a bread box, I have a bread bowl.  We love it and I do not regret for one moment spending more money than I usually do on things.

IMG_7204hum, still can’t tell the scale, but trust me, it’s a good size

When I was engaged to the Motorcycle man I remember the evening I truly knew I was a part of his family, it’s when I got my very own Olson’s mug with my name on it from Mama Bear and Papa and it was very exciting.  It was Christmas time when they presented me with the mug.  Rich had one, his brother had one, his sister had one, his mom and dad had one and then it was my turn.  I was IN like Flynn when I got that mug.  Then when Austin was born Aunt TR sent him a baby set with his name and birthday on it, then when Dylan was born, he got his set from Aunt TR.  Littlest and only girl still needs one.  I think my next trip up to Weave, I’ll need to take care of that.

The candlestick was a wedding gift from our cousin LeeAnn, I’m pretty sure it was LeeAnn, it was 20 years back so really hard to remember exactly, just have this feeling it was her though. 



His and Hers


Austin’s set.  I dropped the bottom plate years ago and was devastated.  But my mom, she always makes everything better.


See you can’t even really tell that it broke into three pieces

IMG_7213And Dylan’s set

For sure now that I did a little write-up on what began as (in the kitchen) and turned into, here, let me show you all my things from Olson’s Stoneware all the way up in Weaverville California.  We have lots of really great family who live in Weaverville, work in Weaverville, find rad deals in Weaverville, like the really amazing camera Sally found and sent my way.IMG_5749

Plus if ever you decide to drive on up North Weaverville California, please stop by here for the best coffee in town, the red house our Aunt Mel and Uncle Steve own this one of a kind coffee spot and most likely you will run into someone in this family if you so happen to pop by. Wow, I just went all over the place in this one.  Take Care now. 

5 thoughts on “in my kitchen

  1. I love your blue bowl! I seem to like blue crockery 🙂 Love the personalized mugs too and the stories behind them. Your stuff are so like… unique and creative… beautiful too 🙂 Just a few more sleeps and it’s Christmas! 🙂 I don’t know who is more excited, me or T 🙂 Have a lovely day Tracie 🙂

    1. I’m excited for little T, she is at such a fun age for Christmas. I’m not ready in any way, not one gift wrapped and for me still so much to do. I’m hoping to get it all done on Monday, we took the day off. Thank you for your compliments.

  2. After reading the words that went with the epic photos
    I was blessed and know we are sisters with different mothers🌝
    You are a gift from God‼️🎄

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