Oh boy.  This week has been a little crazy busy feeling.  That’s okay and stuff but it has taken me away from the good old blog.  I have somehow managed to keep up with my December challenge, I have kept my faith, I have been grateful for so many things.  I have truly found being grateful keeps me up.

handmadeYesterday was handmade, snowflake, easy but it took me four hours to make four, I was talking lots though with a good friend, that was the best part really. the talking and making snowflakes together, right Jean?

 The soccer player keeps me busy, three games a week, practice every day and two games on Saturdays.  Its border line insane this high school soccer business but he seems to be having a fun time with it.  He is the keeper but longs to be on the field.  His coaches did a drill the other day and pulled him in as a defender, they were impressed and are considering putting him in as a defender a game or two.  He calls this a promotion.  I mean Goalie has lots of pressure and it can be a hero position but it can also be sort of a curse.  Like when being scored on and your team getting all irritated and stuff.  Then there are the games when there is just no action at all at the goal and then soccer player gets bored and doesn’t enjoy the game as much.  We will see but in the meantime he keeps us busy.  So busy we have yet to Christmas shop.

the teamThey even play in the rain, pouring rain with lots of mud, I think the boys sort of like to get dirty though (team) our soccer player is the one in neon

 I suppose we can get to that next week a day or two before Christmas and hope there are some things left.  Abbie just had three things on her list, a big huge teddy bear, knee socks and a soccer ball and Dylan’s list was like this, a rip stick, soccer ball and underwear.  Seriously kids, socks and underwear?  That’s just a little strange.  But easy, really easy.

photoyesterday, we made a real yummy chicken soup which included our yams  or are they sweet potatoes? from our produce delivery

Then there is the first to be born, he is gone so much I have no idea what he wants?  We catch mere glimpses of him if we are lucky.  He is gone before we get home from work and we are asleep when he gets home and he is asleep when we leave for work.  I suppose that’s all normal for an 18-year-old.  I can bet he wishes for a new car since the poor bug was up and running after the accident but for only two weeks and then the engine seized so he is back to bumming rides and relying on others for a while.  The boys (meaning motorcycle man and Aus) really want to keep the bug though so she will just sit until we gather the money for a new engine.  It’s all good though right, more bonding time between father and son, that’s how we have to look at it.


5 thoughts on “whew

  1. Poor little bug. I remember a couple of student bug cars when I was in university – one was painted pink with a pig nose in front and a curly tail in the back, the other was blue and had a big key attached to the back. We loved the bug sightings around town.

    Your soccer schedule is even crazier than our hockey schedule. Still, like you said, it is great when they have something to focus on, that the enjoy and keeps them interested.

  2. Still catching up. Oh no, poor little bug and busy busy you. I know Christmas has come and gone, but I hope you found some time to just relax a little. Our sports seasons kick off around Feb, so my peace will disappear right around then. 🙂
    Oh, and over here they would be sweet potatoes. 😉 Yum xo

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