I truly believe with every ounce of my being that each day is a gift!  From the moment I wake and my feet hit the wood floor of our home.  There are literally miracles around us everywhere.  From gorgeous sunrises to sunsets, the shifting clouds, the dancing shadows, the glistening grass.  It’s endless!  My cousin Jeanie has invited me to be a part of gratitude for the entire year.  We are making a jar and each day we will at the very least place once piece of paper in that jar of something good that happened for us in our day, a small miracle, a funny moment etc.  and at the end of 2014 we can open the jar and re-visit all the good things that happened for us in 2014.  I’m excited and I have a feeling we will need really BIG jars.


Oh goodness, I’m just beyond excited too because in 2014 I will be shooting a brand new camera!  I will always cherish and most likely still use my 20D but I have been upgraded to a 70D and have lots to learn, it’s like a mini computer! I’m wondering if my photography will improve, change, look different.  We will see.  We were given bonus’ this year at work and it was a really pleasant awesome surprise.  Since me and motorcycle man work together….he got one too!  He has the biggest most generous heart you could ever imagine and he gave me part of his bonus so I could get this new camera.  I almost hyperventilated when I handed the cashier all that money at once (in cash) for the new camera.  I’m so thankful and so excited and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings in terms of photo’s and memories and miracles.  I hope you will join me in finding the blessing in each day and visiting me here to connect.

11 thoughts on “gifts

  1. I love this post….as I do most of yours….It is always good to be reminded that everyday is a gift!

    …and guess what – I have a new camera too! I am terrified of it right now but will conquer it! I haven’t had an SLR since my kids were little…when digital became popular, I’ve only had ‘point & shoot’ and recently my iPhone (I still can’t get over the great pictures you can take with it!!!). I look forward to your inspiration in that direction too!

    Connie xo

    1. Connie this is going to be so exciting, me and you both with brand new awesome cameras. I can’t wait to see what you take and share with us. I’m already in love with my new camera. Although have yet to share an image I have taken with it yet. We will grow as photographers this year together. It will be so good.

  2. The jar idea is a great idea! You can look at it and read for many years to come and remember 2014 forever. You deserve that new camera!!! taking pictures is and always will be part of your life daily. Great way to start the New Year. Love you, D-1

  3. Happy for you and the gratitude jar is such a lovely idea! Look forward to seeing more lovely photos from you then! Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Tracie 🙂

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