My feet hurt…..again, so guess what? Read and find out.

January 1 2014

look at that first shot of the back-end! Goodness to Betsy! And the only reason I’m smiling in the second shot is because so many people in their befores look miserable, I didn’t want to look that way, even though I should be feeling that way.  I’m hoping I can slim down and do this B-town t-shirt some honest to good justice, let’s watch and see as the days go by.

So over the past few years I seem to fluctuate anywhere from 165 to 183ish.  I think 183 has been my tops-ish.  Used to be at one time 160 was my tops, then 170 and so on…..geesh.  January of 2013 I started my weight at 165 and from there just went up and up with an occasional very short-lived down.  In 2012 I ate really, really healthy for 6 weeks straight, no sugar or processed and I lost 20 pounds.  I was so proud of myself.  I tend to just fall back to comfortable no thinking sort of lifestyle which always, always leads to more weight on my (small) frame.  I’m 5’ 4” and I have sort of small feet, and hands and a tiny head, my body should all match up.  When my feet begin to hurt, like really really hurt, then I know things are really wrong.  I get up and limp around like I’m more like 85 rather than 43.  I also know if I just shed less than 8 pounds my feet will feel better.  My goal this month is to get rid of 5 pounds.  A small attainable goal.  I’m going to watch my calorie intake and move more, I’m going to drink a little more water.  How is that for CHANGE.  I hope I can share my positive change all year with whoever is interested.  I get so encouraged by my friends and family who support me in my ventures.  I’m not proud of these (before) pictures.  They were a wakeup call, especially the one from behind, holy WOW, somewhat of a wide load.  I mean if you cover the bottom half of me you can see I’m meant to be smaller.  So here we go.  I will only do status updates at the beginning of each month.

Things I hope will change

The pain in my feet will go away

My skin will heal

My sleep will improve

My energy will increase

Let’s see if these things begin to CHANGE.  I love my new word, the possibilities are endless.  It’s up to me to make better choices.

If you want to see a brief history of my weight I posted about it a while back HERE.

Now some images from the New 70D!!!

IMG_0016this is me showing the soccer player how my iPhone can be used as a remote!  I have never had a remote before and an iPhone remote is off the charts amazing!!

IMG_0021and here I stand using the iPhone remote in my most favorite jammies on the planet (thank you Mandy)

IMG_0046Put on the 50mm I already had to see what it would be like.  The color with the Canon 70D seems so extra crisp and vibrant.  

IMG_0049Playing with the 50mm some more.  It’s the ONLY lens previously used, I’m most comfortable with it. 

IMG_0033I got a really cool “craft-a-doodle” book for Christmas and I’m practicing.  My first cupcake.

IMG_0091Lastly.  My lunch today.  I calculated it to be about 370 cals, it’s so yummy and my kids love these wraps too.  

40 thoughts on “My feet hurt…..again, so guess what? Read and find out.

    1. thank you friend, I agree with the brave part, just because I posted the before pictures. I know how to deceive in photo’s and will take face shots or weird angles and maybe one wouldn’t realize I’m actually this weight. These befores put it all out on the table. I just want to be healthy, I want to be a good healthy example for Abbie, I have to do it with consistancy, this part will not be easy for me but I believe I have to CHANGE some key things. My mom get’s concerned with diabetes that runs in our family and heart disease too and through exerise and eating healthy, much of that might be avoided. My mom is a really great example of taking care of herself. She loves us that much that she works hard at staying healthy. I love her so much for that. I want to be the same for Abbie.

      1. So great your mom is a great example and good to be a great example for Abbie too! (Which of course you already are!) So what does your mom eat???😀

  1. Yay! I got on the scale and I’m still down the 1 pound I was from right before Christmas – I didn’t count it then, but I’m counting it today! So, that’s the first pound I’ve lost this new year. I’m super excited – I’ve never lost 5 pounds in one month, but I’ll be here cheering you on! (I lost 45 lbs last year, which was my goal, so I’m pretty happy about it. I didn’t set a number goal (yet) this year, as my plan is to just continue my healthy life style changes)

    1. Kate! 45 pounds is so awesome. Now I need to go visit your blog, do you have posts about your journey and goals? Just being healthy, it’s so important. Logically we know it can add years to our lives and prevent certain diseases and some of us are just waiting for a wake-up call, I don’t want to wait for that anymore. I want to do something now because I hate my feet feeling this way and I don’t like being tired all the time and cranky and all the other junk that comes with the choices I make. I want to make better ones. I think with community this also helps. Thank you for leaving a comment.

      1. You know, I blog about everything except my weight loss… I did do a post when I figured out why my jeans were falling off of me and ended up buying a pair 2 sizes smaller. LOL. But, community does help – I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged about it, except that I’m afraid of failure, and if I put it in writing then others would know! But, I needed to get healthy, the weight loss is just a good side benefit! I started by reducing my portions. That was an amazing difference. And then I started on My Fitness Pal, to get an idea of the calories I was putting in my mouth and oh boy what a wake-up call that was! I had no idea the calories I was ingesting! It made me much more aware of what I was putting in my mouth. But, every single day I wake up and tell myself that I can do this!

  2. I’ve said it before, I will say it again, I continue to fall more and more in love with you the more I get to know you! I am so happy that we are friends. I gained about 15 pounds since Spring of last year- I lost some, then gained some, and then the last three months have been bad. Too much eating and drinking and not enough moving! It was fun though, and I know that the fault is my own for not eating more carefully! I’m really wanting to get back in to working out more this year- My goal is health, would love to dance and do yoga more! . I’m 5’4 too, I’ve never ever been thin except for when I had an eating disorder in high school. For me the last 10 years, 150 feels good- When I lost weight a few years ago I was the thinnest I had been in a long time at 141, but it didn’t last long, and I really had to not eat much to maintain, which is why it came back. Right now I’m like 154, so hoping to drop five or six pounds too! I’m here to support you, we can do it together!

    1. I happen to think you are so beautiful and I love your shape, it’s got all the right amount of curves and I think I could feel myself being comfortable at 150. Although the “medical charts” have me much smaller but I believe those numbers would be very difficult for me to maintain considering I too have a huge love of food and drink:)

  3. I love you. I love you. I love you.
    Your smile, your hair, the way your feet are when you stand, your honesty. Just remember that your body is a vessel for your beautiful soul…that’ll make this journey a little easier. And DEFINITELY keep smiling. 🙂

  4. i love that smile! i have the same build as you it seems (and the same desire to shed some of the back end). that photo of your lunch made my mouth water, so it looks like you’re off to a great start! congrats on the new camera. you blew my mind with the iphone as remote knowledge. i had no idea.

    1. I know right, I was head over heals crazy when I found out about iphone remote also considering I have never ever had one since my 20d only could have taken one with a cord attached, so I never bothered. All my SP’s and jump shots were taken with timer and getting the right timing down for a jump shot often was a work out. Now I feel like I’m cheating. How does all that weight accumulate on the back end anyway?? JK I know I eat a lot and don’t move…lol.

  5. What an inspiration you are, Tracie! I love who you are no matter what your weight — but you have so much life in you that I’d love to see you where you are comfortable, healthy, and without pain.

    Day by day. Hour by hour. You can do this.

    P.S. I’m having some PJ envy. And camera envy, too.

    1. Oh Beth, I do hope your 2014 includes more blog posts. I was so super excited to stumble upon it yesterday when I clicked on your name. I love the graceful reminder of day by day, hour by hour. In the past if I mess up, I feel as if I have failed rather than just starting over the next choice.

  6. Good luck on your lifestyle changes. When I git up around 170-180 my feet hurt so bad, especially when I first got out of bed, so I know what you mean. You are brave and inspirational to put it all out there.

    1. You know what I love? That you have been where I am now, that you know what it’s like when our feet hurt and YES, especially when I first get out of bed, that’s the worst time. Since you have changed your life, it encourages me from afar. It feels good to be understood.

      1. Definitely! I’ll probably do so with recipe posts. Maybe once I actually make more progress, I’ll do progress photos too. Lol!

  7. Oh wow, look at you. I am totally with you lady on this health thing. And love that you smiled in your before shot. I would be scared to do one of those your body age compared to your actual age tests, because I’m pretty sure I would be about 150. 🙂 You will blitz this, I know you will.
    I am only just catching up on posts too, so am so excited for you and your 70D. Can’t wait to see your photos. I know they will be sensational. xoxo

    1. Oh my word, I did that age test in the summer and I was not very happy with the age I came out to be. I believe my body was older than my mother and on a side note, my mom’s body age is probably younger than me! We can do this and I’m looking forward to our shared blog and it being about our girls and our relationships. They are only young once, we best make it count.

  8. You are going to do this…..your mind is set up for it and it will happen. I’m in your corner ALL THE WAY! I will cheer you on every single day…. Never give up👍

  9. You can do it friend. Set your mind to it and the goal will be achieved. You always have the best attitude and I admire how you are so brave…You are amazing! Like the words on your mirror…You are beautiful. Love you so much

  10. You are so wonderful and brave. I know you can do it and I look forward to seeing your smile being even bigger when you have achieved your goal! xox
    ps. loving the new camera.

    1. Kirstin, I’m looking forward to it to and I will be able to share it with you because we will have a link all 52 weeks of this year and I’m most excited about “the project” I feel as if I’m surrounded in such talent. It’s an honor you know!

  11. I have world’s of faith in you, T. And I always love and admire your attitude. I know you can this, and I’m always here to support you. xo

  12. You will make it happen, you have a Great attitude and inspire me! That lunch does look yummy too. btw: love your owl jammies.

  13. Your honesty is such a great gift to me, every time I visit your blog. What gorgeous photos (all of them). Know I am cheering you on in your health journey. Love to you.

  14. the beauty is you, and that this is a process begun! the first steps have been taken, your truth acknowledged (as defined by you and no one else, so real truth!) , and a plan devised that sounds like it can be flexible and motivating. i can’t wait to be here to support you …i forget blogs from time to time so i’m hoping i will catch updates via FB, where i now have committed time. i have faith in you, and that you can trust your process to be right for you. ❤

  15. So THAT’S why my feet hurt! LOL! I’m right there with ya Sister! And I have the same type of goals for this year: just get healthy, more water, myfitnesspal, and exercise. Eating better, of course, is the main thing for me … and less. So I will be rooting you on and shadowing your moves. I love all this encouragement. You are amazing, and I think you are already rockin that B-Town shirt.

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