It sure is a Monday.  I’m feeling really overwhelmed today.  The house is a mess (yep I choose this over that) but it has me feeling anxious just the same.  This will be quick.

IMG_0177 rare sighting of Simon the recluse, so pretty.  He is such a pretty and strange behaved cat?

Aunt Mel gave me a few really, really great ideas when we had a nice conversation this weekend.  The first is a new breakfast item, or any time of the day snack.  Check out these ham and cheese cups.  So easy and my fitness pal gives them with the information I put in a total calorie intake per serving of 160 calories.  I just had one for breakfast with my cup of coffee.  But today when I got home from work I had one for lunch with my kale salad.  It was quick and easy to re-heat and tasted really just as great the next day.


Told you it would be short and sweet.   but before I leave…I leave you with this,  the two most adorable girls visited yesterday and watched t.v. with motorcycle man for a while.  I’ll just give you a peek at their sweetness, since they are not mine to share entirely their faces.  But I promise you, oh the sweetest faces they have.  Just close your eyes and picture the clearest sparkle blue eyes, and rosy cheeks with fair angel hair and the sweetest face you can think of…that’s them.


7 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I am trying to be so good and It’s SO dang hard! Those lil cheese cup’s looks good and boy am I hungry…. 🙂 Simon sure is handsome.

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