trips to the moon


Trips to the moon are always so much fun.  Yesterday the moon was even out and centered just perfectly between the palm trees  and we just knew that was a good sign.  I’m just a little surprised I didn’t take a picture of it.  I had to cross two big bridges just to get there and I’m not too much of a thrill seeker so crossing a big bridge is about as thrilling as I get.  I took a picture of it and I know I probably shouldn’t do that sort of thing when I drive but it was just a quick point and shoot and I managed to keep myself and my jeep inside the lanes and safely made it to the other side of the bridge.  The picture was really worth it though cause the bridge is just so petty and grand. The prettier of the two bridges is the  Vincent Thomas Bridge and the one I  took a picture of.  It was just picture worthy.

photo (10)

Our 3rd gathering of the moon people was at a really cool place called  crafted and if you are local and want to see some really cool hand crafted gifts, I would recommend it.  IMG_0362

However I would recommend one go on a Saturday or Sunday.  We went on a Friday (they are only open btw three days a week Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but Friday’s are a little slow, as in most the booths were not even open.  That part made me sad but still we had such a great time.  I only spent 6.50!  5.50 was on a specialized really freshly roasted coffee.  Still have yet to taste it cause motorcycle man left way too early today and I want to make sure and enjoy it with him.  Second was a bumper sticker that reads “reading happens”  I think the only other purchaser of goods was Miss Moonspinner who purchased this amazing book called “walk when the moon is full”  it’s a children’s book and it was only $2.00 and we have plans for this book, it will become our moon people adventure notebook and it will be transformed into a place we log all our adventures at.  Miss Moonspinner also bought a rad book bag.


So we didn’t spend very much money there but it’s not cause I didn’t want to, I wanted some soaps and bath salts and lotions and  candles,  some pretty flower pins for my hair  oh and jewelry! My favorite open jewelry spot was this one.

IMG_0365 moonwalk

I also was blessed with some love in the form of hearts.  My favorite of all the hearts I received from Miss Moon Daisy was the red heart that I will show here with my littlest and only girl holding it and leave it up to her to figure out there is something inside, she wiggled it around and we heard something inside there.  I almost want to bust it open but I don’t’ really want to break a heart, if you know what I mean?


On my way home crossing over both those bridges again and nearly running out of gas, well not really but it was on E for a good long while and I was in dead stop traffic and I got a little nervous so I got off in Paramount for a little gas and jumped back onto the parking lot.  I was very hungry so I stopped to get a little kids hamburger and water from McDonald’s where I was offered a free hot fudge sunday and of course I took it, it was a gift.  One should never say no to a gift, just remember that. Finally after detours, gas and free ice-cream I made it to take my littlest and only girl to her big cheer reunion event.  And that was that.


I’m not exactly finished yet, lastly, I’m so excited because this Sunday, tomorrow the hours will be going live and I’m just honored to be a part of these 32 other woman who will be sharing this month a picture shot between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7:59 and I’m in the first pool.  And my shot well it’s nothing very exciting and I was very intimidated to be with all these talented gals but for me it was a real live true moment that meant the world to me.  It was just a glimmer in time and a very every day moment but it will never happen exactly the same way it happened in that moment.  With one click I got it and well, sounds like I’m building it up quite a bit, it’s a very normal every day moment actually but to me, it means something. 

5 thoughts on “trips to the moon

  1. That is too funny that you were running out of gas because so were we. The light was on practically the entire way home. Moon Mama likes to live dangerously, thankfully we made it.

  2. Thank you for the recap♥️
    And thank you for helping me make room for new hearts
    by taking good care of some old(to me) ones!
    Keep your eye open for the super moon🌝

  3. I love how you get so excited about things. And why shouldn’t you.! The Hours is wonderful. How very exciting. Just saw the pics and it’s perfect. xo

  4. I must tell you this is one of our favorite books of all time. When my boys were young we read it and took up walking by moonlight. Thank you for this memory. I know the books is somewhere among our bookshelves.

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